One of the eskortlar-escort girls is trapped in a cave during the rain with her hiking guide

The hiking was now going for 3 hours or so. At the beginning of it, Anastasia from eskortlar-escort girls and her hiking guide/instructor Antonio have decided to start a 6-hours trip despite the heavy rain clouds that were gathering in the sky. They hesitated whether to shift hiking to some other day but since his time was fully packed in next two weeks and she has been anticipating this forest adventure for over a month, they eventually decided to go for it. She wanted to rest from her tiresome physical work, to have rest with soul and inhale some fresh air.

The route was compiled for healthy adult people so they were going to walk for 14 kilometers during 6 hours in the rugged terrain. It was not very challenging, only in the final piece of the route, they had to climb up the rocky hill. They were lucky so far – the rain did not start and an eskortlar Istanbul maiden and her guide covered more than 11 kilometers in 3 hours.

But the rain started. It caught them when they just stepped out of the flat part of the forest and were already going uphill. The leaves and fir-needles under the feet became wet soon and the hikers had to stop unless they didn’t fall.

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“Hey, there is a cave nearby I know – let’s cover from the rain there,” told Antonio to an eskortlar Istanbul lover Anastasia.

They had to go for an extra kilometer to reach the place. Every minute, the rain seemed to intensify. So no wonder that when they got there, they were almost completely soaked wet. Antonio was at once busy with gathering some dry woods to start a fire and it was cozily and warmly crackled in the cave only within 15 minutes. Antonio knew his job well. Eskortlar Istanbul mistress Anastasia was warming up nearby the fire, taking off her wet jacket and hiking boots. The cave was pretty spacious, approx. 5×7 meters but the floor was not too even – it was its only drawback.

…The tea from the small hiking cauldron was ready in ten minutes. They both had small thermal cups and were now enjoying the sweet taste of hot liquid sipping it with small cautioned gulps. Anastasia felt warm inside. Being close to so handy man temporarily entrapped by the precipitation, she suddenly felt very warm feelings towards him. She put a hand on his shoulder, and he shuddered from suddenness, being immersed in his own thoughts. Her eyes shone with sparkles in the dry and dusty air of the cave and she kissed him. He responded.

They started kissing, undressing their clothes in the process. She lay on her back and he was from the top. Passion was too obvious from both sides to deny it. He only took two mats from his backpack to put under her white skin. They were hugging and the fire was running bigger as if depicting their passion in the strange, mystical way. The cave was like embracing them, pushing to make the most natural act on earth – the act of physical love.

When she was naked, she sat on top of him and the fire glares were jumping on her skin making it look bronze. Hair was freed from a batch and now it made a downfall on her shoulders, breasts, and back, shivering with each up and down an eskortlar Istanbul girl did on his dick.

She leaned hands against his hairy chest and he actively helped with hands to rise and fall her on his crotch. The pace increased, she used her trained legs to reach the point of bliss and once it has arrived, she was moving as a wild animal, sparkling with the eyes although the fire was not lighting in her face directly. Something witchy awakened in her and he was lying under the pressure of powerful body that wanted to receive his sperm inside. Finishing, she rose the head up to scream up from excitement filling her and that made him cum either, jerking with each wave of pleasure with thighs and the right leg. He was pushing his crotch towards her, hitting his protruding bones on the waist on her tight ass from below, sprinkling his abundant semen into her vulva.

The rain was over but they continued their wild process of love and eskortlar Istanbul girl got a huge buzz from what was happening.