Istanbul Asian side surfer girl with her surfer boyfriend made sex on the secluded piece of a beach

They were surfing the area, catching the streaming waves under a hot sun. She, an Istanbul Asian side girl named Lucy, was a lover of this leisure during her free time, and this time of the year, the water gave her much enjoyment with waves of 4-7 meters high. She had a boyfriend Mark, who didn’t know that she was one of the girls in Asian side workers, and she kept it this way for many months now.

They were enjoying the water that was almost hot under this 4 PM sun. Their bodies were all muscled and fit, but they did not have to go to a gym to preserve this state – the water of this sea was kind to their desire to stay fit as long as possible and gave them the necessary physical exercises that they really enjoyed.

Lucy could spend only some time having this activity – for the most part of her other time she was engaged in the other physical activities – working with clients delivering them sexual joys like BJ (BLOWJOB) or an HJ (HAND JOB). She did these too to her boyfriend (and it was quite pleasing to him, as she knew how to handle such things – as she has done them hundreds of times before). Thoughts about sex with her clients captivated her handsome head and she has aroused when looked at a body of Mark. They both were lightly swaying on the waves of water expecting for the next big wave (though they have never seen mavericks as high as the building in this country but sometimes they wanted to catch one, not too often though). She swam close to him and whispered him about the sudden idea – she wanted to have sex with him right now right here.

He was super excited about this idea and, as he knew the secluded bay just some 2 hundred meters on the north that had a nice cave reachable only on the water they swam there immediately. It had to take them only 10 or 15 minutes.

Istanbul Asian side puss is standing with a surfing board wet and sexy; her slender legs and fantastic butt are very attractive, especially with such great lingerie

Arriving there, they already saw the white sand that was covered from both sides and from a top with cave’s cape. People usually didn’t know about this secluded place so they were completely alone there.

Lucy started kissing Mark. They were hugging their wet bodies as if insane and seemed that these waves that they sat atop shifted now inside of their hot bodies with a nice tan, as they were captive in their sudden mutual lust. Their lips met in one long kiss that seemed never-ending. They felt as their bodies were flushing with passion and because of the sea salt that was gradually sensed by their skins as water drops evaporated away with time.

He took her panties down and a swimming bra and she was naked in front of him, one of the girls in Asian side, tremendously beautiful and slim. He took his swimsuit off exposing the naked muscled body underneath.

She was waiting for him these seconds that he took the suit off, and was eating him with own eyes. Turning to her naked, he grabbed her from under the buttocks to raise her up on his hands and sat her gently on his hardened cock. The movements of his hands were straight and strong, pulling her up and down. Her luring breasts were jumping up and down, and throat moans from her mouth were filling the small cave they were in.

When she felt he was going to cum, she took his penis in both hands and started to masturbate him abruptly. The HJ (HAND JOB) that she did was especially spectacular this time in this small sea cave. But he did not want to finish that easy, so he raised up on his legs, made them wide and stood up like that. She loved the idea to work harder to deliver the complete sexual satisfaction to her man, and took his Willie in the mouth, making a BJ (BLOWJOB). The sensations were strong and great. She felt the arriving orgasm of Mark when he started to have shallow shivering at his entire body and then he hit with his sperm in the space for at least 10 meters. She watched it with the delight on her face, rubbing her clit – only a minute was enough to cum, caught with the same small shivering.