One of new girls Istanbul shares her secret fetishes about men’s abilities in bed

My name is Alina and I’m 23 years old, I’m from new girls in escort. Today I’ll tell you how I discovered the unexpected fetish in my life, which was my number one joy.

I worked with a boy in the summer camp. He was so slim and attractive and his laugh made me so horny just from the very first seconds. And his hands! So strong and so hot, just a dream for every girl! We obviously liked each other and spent many hours together during that summer. But there was one nuance which was just killing me. Neither in the first sight, nor in the second, he did not demand from me anything actually sexual, despite I obviously expressed my desire to feel him like one of real girls escort.

Once I came into his room right in the morning, hoping to catch his boner so that he had no chance to escape from me. When I came in, he like pretended I wasn’t there. I lay near him and hugged him, my hands started to caress his strong muscular body. One moment, I covered his cock with my hand and I felt his excitement! It was impossible to believe that he could not want me, I was just so sure… I felt like I was a girl from new escort: so confident and mature. But he moved my hand away, stood up, and went to the bathroom like I never touched him and everything was calm. I was lying on his bed hardly breathing and not understanding what the heck is going on…

After our coming back from the camp, we continued our dates. One day I finally managed to invite him into my house for the night, when the parents went on vacation. We were together, watching the film and he was caressing me so softly…

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Even at the beginning of the evening, I was like a tight knot, but he did not propose anything to me. I already knew that there was some trouble from his side and I was the first to find out the truth so I just asked him with no shame what was going on.

He tried to stop and even wanted to change the topic but I ensured him how horny I was because of his touches so he continued lying next to me and at one moment, he finally said: “I cum too quick”.

Somehow, I expected that and I knew what to do, so I simply persuaded him, saying that nothing is bad and thatI want him anyway. I tried it. But he went on watching the movie and I even thought that this is the end of our intimate life. After all, we slept on one side of the sofa and in one room…

I could not sleep lying next to him. Everything excited me in him – the smell, the taste, the breaths…

My hands were touching him. Again, I was in the role of one of new escort girls. He woke up, turned to me and was looking at me. Our lips joined, he was an amazing kisser so I moaned only because of that touches! Finally, I put my hands between his legs and touched his dick. It was so big and hot. His hands tore off my panties and fueled my legs. He moved and entered inside of me with a strong movement. I did not experience such bliss before. I sensed every centimeter of his cock, felt a large head.

Then he began to move! I was waiting for this! Of course, after a minute or two, he went to the end… I just could relax and enjoy.

I looked in his eyes when he calmed down. He looked away with a glance, as if he were waiting for an evil joke from me. I just kissed him into his cheek and went to the shower. When I got into the bathroom, that’s how I felt it in myself: there was a lot of warm sperm and it was crawling down my naked legs. Amazing feeling.

I did not even know yet what was happening but it was pure excitement! My fingers slid over the clitoris and a tremor fulfilled my body.

The excitement of my body was like never before. I felt my head is spinning round and my legs shook. I had to go back but I did not restrain myself so that’s why I was moaning out loud with no sense of shame. The orgasm was pretty quick as I was too excited. After all, I still felt like I was squeezing his cock with my pussy from the inside.

I woke up at the knock on the door of the bathroom and was interested, if I was OK.

Everything was so weird. I went out of the bathroom and kissed him passionately. Then I said that he gave me the best orgasm I ever had and I wasn’t lying. Moreover, I didn’t even know that this was only the beginning: from this day, everything I could dream about was his dick inside my pussy and it was no matter for how long could he do it…

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