A girl from Russian escort in Istanbul poses to a client with a classy camera in his hotel room

Istanbul Russian girl aged 24 named Alla has come to another client in his hotel room. He requested her to have several pairs of sexy underwear and informed upfront that he would do photos of this brown-haired and brown-eyed girl. Her forms were appetizingly enchanting – in this, a photographer made sure right after a girl got undressed and worn a first pair of red underwear to make a photo shoot.

Girls working in an escort service were commonly used as photo shoot models. Some of them even used the most decent and best-looking photos to complete their professional portfolio and some of those were lucky enough to find a job in advertising and the commercial sphere where their outward appearance was appreciated because of photogenic. They became faces and bodies of products and brands and Alla wanted to follow their steps, inspired by stories of success. That is why she agreed to every job like this even if it supposed to be decent only some several first minutes and if some blow job, for instance starts after.

This turned out not a large exclusion. In every pair of underwear, she had to take one item after another; sometimes it was bra first and sometimes – panties. A photographer that photo shoot her, loved to order her to take more indecent poses, made her play with herself with fingers and arms, told her to be covered partially with furniture, bedclothes or other items from the room.

She has changed 5 sets of lingerie that she took with her. The last one was a deep-blue colored set of several items – a corset, panties, a pair of long stocking almost entirely closing every leg, bra, and suspenders between a corset and stocking. She was looking very well and extremely sexy in an entire set. Her client, obviously, liked her in this too. That is why he did much more photos of a Russian escort Istanbul girl than he usually did in every other her attire.

Russian escort in Istanbul is getting ready to be photographed by a client and she humbly lies down

One by one, she undressed herself sexy and gently, especially enjoying as the pair of stockings slid down from her legs. The camera was clicking with its shutter and she felt as if in the limelight in some burlesque show, being not only a part of it but also the main actress, a diva. She pictured inside her head as the ray of the spotlight illuminates her in red and bronze colors; she is on the stage alone and feels hundreds of eyes on her delicate skin and tender lips. Everyone present caresses her with the gaze. Although they all are covered with the darkness of the viewers’ hall, she almost tangibly feels their touches, waves on the skin, caresses, and finally – their multiple penetrations inside of her. She knows that every burlesque diva, especially Dita Von Teese, the main star of it, despite the fact that she isn’t a Russian escort girl and never gets completely undressed on the stage, having the burlesque, not striptease as her main circle of professional engagement, also feels the same sensations when on the stage. Alla could only dream to be as Dita – which she did now, being shot in this fancy room of 5-stars hotel with a loud name.

She was brought back from her parallel reality by a touch to her hand that went to her silky and plump breasts of the 3rd size. Then, another hand touched her on the crotch. It was a great sensation for her – to mix the fake world that she has just created in her imagination with the real one where a guy touched her very indecently, starting to penetrate inside of her with fingers that held a camera just a few minutes ago.

She was jumping on his dick covered with a shield and imagined as she, a diva, is jumping on the stage of a huge theater under the music, dressed in shiny and glossy dress, while little tinsel on the surface of her gown jumped in all sides from her movements creating sparkling rays of light running in every direction from her body. She imagined being fucked by her lover that was a main male dancer in the same burlesque show and everything that was going on the stage was watched by thousands of people in the hall.

She liked the fusion of reality and the minded-up world and found it even more exciting. Lying back naked on a huge bed after the coitus and massage when her client went to a bathroom, she agreed with herself to adopt this approach for the future meetings when her services of Russian escort Istanbul will be requested.