Russian escort in Istanbul woman is engaged in physical exercises

Russian escort in Istanbul woman Annie had a workout at home. She hated going to the public gym for several reasons. Firstly, almost all of the male population stared at her slim body that had the second-sized breast and was crowned with pretty head with long dark hair. Secondly, she knew about such places that so many people were neglecting personal hygiene – it was disgusting to step into the shower after them (and there was a 100% probability of catching finger fungus there) and to change dresses on the sweated bench. To avoid all that stuff but still maintaining herself in a good shape that her profession required, she equipped a mini-gym in her house, where several machines were used as basic and enough set.

The treadmill was the first step of her today’s workout. She was there for 20 minutes. The second one was a bench for a press. Istanbul Russian girl Annie that loved on her work to have sex many times usually did 10 approaches including 50 times press pushups each. This day was not an exception. The third stage – the medium – was squatting. She was doing it while the door of her house opened and he entered – her boyfriend Mick. He did not return from his work so early usually and she wondered what the reason was. It turned out to be gloomy – he was fired today. He argued with his boss and called him an idiot and his boss fired him because of that. Mick lost two or three jobs in this way before already as he had a bursting character and Annie knew about it.

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He was in the depressed mood and seems like he had already had several drinks at the local bar because of this bummer. Still, she knew how to make him forget this disenchantment. She started kissing and hugging him. Her lips were soft and soon he gave into her falling in her embrace. From the very first their proximity, he felt that she was working out, as she smelled with sweat, it was sweet and attractive, not repelling. Her skin was reddish because of the influx of the blood to the epidermis and her slinky attire showed every curve of her body. The pants were so elastic, as her juicy ass – he immediately started to squeeze it in his palms, inhaling the scent of her heated body from the physical exercises. He sat on the couch in the living room that was close to her gym room, and she sat on top of him, being close with her boobs of Istanbul Russian girl to his face. He wanted to take off her clothes, all of it, and he started from the top. Under it, it was no bra, as there was no necessity in it during the workout. The breast fell off the cloth and was all wet and a little sticky of the sweat that was dripping on if from her hair and face. He started sucking her nipples, one after another. They were salt, warm, soft, and tasty. Then, he went to take off her pants – to discover that there was no underwear on her, so she sat with her heated crotch on his leg and then – on his penis that she took out and made it stand sturdy with a hand when he was kissing her boobs.

She was very exciting and smelled definitely arousing – all her heat from the workout acted as a sexual exciter, she was now at the beginning of their sexual activity as if the woman from the Istanbul Russian girl who had already been fucked by several men. Though she didn’t tell him what was her occupation, he born this idea in his head just now.

Making lap dance, she sat on his hard cock that was already invitingly standing and began to jump on it as if continuing her extensive workout – this time, it was for her legs, all their muscles, as it seemed. Up and down she was going, up and down, until the couch under them began to screech and squeak. They were continuing having sex on the stridulating upholstered furniture and the drops of sweat were falling down on him, making additional grease. She was already screaming from pleasure, while he was groaning too. And, in a minute when he was ready to finish inside of her, flushing her all, she descended from his dick to her knees on the floor and took his penis in mouth, making him oral without condom, providing him to cum, filling Russian escort woman with whitish jets of his semen.