One of the escort girls Istanbul feels so hot in a party costume that had to take all cloth off

This costume was really fucking hot. Desperately hot. The costume was shaped like a potato, a big, human-size potato, starting from the neck (with only my head protruding out of it), ending on the same level of my knees.

The outer shell was made of some sort of rubber-feel like material but not a rubber. It was something like from what thermal costumes are made. Like ones that divers wear. Elastic but freakishly hot. Wearing this, I had to go to the party arranged by my client. I was in his big fancy house already and as all other escort girls Istanbul already had their costumes on, I was still struggling with mine.

Finally, I got out and went to the big hall at a party, where other escort girls were already entertaining guests. I was too one of girls Istanbul – we were all working at the same agency and people often book us to entertain their guests at parties as such.

There were 10 minutes and I realized it is terribly hot inside the costume. So I had to go back to the changing room to take it off. All my clothes were soaked wet. Then I have adopted the decision to take all my cloth off. Completely get rid of it. I even had to take my panties and bra off either.

When I was 100% naked, I got inside this shitty costume back. It felt now much better – still hot but I finally could cope with it. The guests were waiting and they got me in 2 minutes.

One of the escort girls Istanbul stands with her chin up revealing a pretty face, young fresh skin, blond hair, and magnificent hooters

On this party, I met a lot of men and they all were amazed by the contrast of a beauty of my head and face and ugliness of the costume. I told everyone it was not my idea. Some men left me their numbers (which I never call back to unless it would be a paid date).

I liked this particular guest: a man of 25-28 years old, with a little tidy mustache, he was not drunk as almost everyone around and his eyes sparkled with the desire of normal, humane conversation. But what I liked the most about him – his sense of humor. He made me laugh all the time as we spoke. The words coming from his mouth somehow combined into exciting intertwining of wittiness and jokeful thoughts, of which I couldn’t help but laugh. He was the first client of mine escort Istanbul clients who made me laugh so sincerely.

As there were no rules set up by the host of a party preventing girls from Istanbul escort agency to talk with some particular participant of a party, I took advantage of this and we both were to a bar, in which we drank more than talked. Or vice versa – I don’t remember actually. He offered me to sit but I could not as the costume prevented. Then he asked why I can’t take it off and I told him I wasn’t wearing anything underneath. He did not believe and then I had to unzip a zipper a little bit and bend to him to make him see my naked body. I suppose, he got excited from what he saw and asked if we could go in one of the free rooms to stay alone. I didn’t mind.

One minute later, upstairs, on the third floor of a house, where were plenty of free rooms, he unzipped my costume with one wide motion. I came out of it naked, waving my tempting thighs and making him see I was sweat all around due to this silly costume. It seemed like he didn’t mind to see and smell me like this – so he simply got to me and we kissed. Passionately and long, not parting our lips, we then came to bed and he got rid of his cloth very fast, penetrated inside of me with one sharp motion, filling me entirely. I even felt like his cock touched the lower part of my uterus although I am pretty sure that I don’t know what it feels like. Anyway – he was long and I loved it!

He was fucking me with passion and lots of zeal. His energy of jokes and wittiness as if transformed into sexual energy and he used the full advantage of it now. He completely felt my body, leaning against it with his pubis, entering into my pussy from the back in a doggy pose.

We were united, like two parts of a single integral something. I very rarely feel in such a way. When he cummed, I somehow felt I was cuming too and we both were sharply moving in the sweet spasms of our orgasms – it was great, really fucking great.

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