New girls Istanbul were extremely pleased to get acquainted with the club with orgies

Lisa and Marie were newcomers to the escort model agency in Istanbul. They were new girls Istanbul. They have already taken a few orders and were gaining experience step by step in a new way of communicating with men in their premises.

The locations they’ve been to were not very diversified. There were hotel rooms, restaurants, one time it was bowling club and the parking lot when one date ended with some guy. It is not that they were working on a pair, but were friends who tell each other about their meetings. But this evening there were both ordered, along with two other girls from their model agency. The location was indicated as the midst of the city, its historical center, where they knew that price of apartments was as high as several million dollars for an average 2-bedroom dwelling.

They arrived on a taxicab at the specified address. Just a building, nothing extraordinary. They rang and a door opened. There was a man in the jeans, to which they introduced themselves.

New girls Istanbul reveal themselves entertaining in the underground club closed to the general public; their lithe bodies are dressed in hot lingerie of black color and there is so much passion burning inside of them

‘You are awaited’ — said he and took them down the long hall and down the stairs. They passed through three doors and when the last one closed behind them, only then they heard light lounge music. They were two or three floors below the level 1 and it was felt like ‘Resident Evil’ at the beginning. But in seconds, when eyes adapted to humble illumination, they saw a corridor with lounge cabins, let’s put their name this way. Open-place rooms were here and there, connected to each other, furnished with couches and sometimes tables. The lights were downed everywhere, the walls were of rough brown bricks, but the furniture was splendid and rich, the same as this strange club inhabitants.

On the couches, there were people – half and totally naked, kissing and caressing each other in masks. Two, three, four of them… Men and women. Most part of men was young and very fit when girls were all of the model look and very groomed just as Lisa and Marie, new girls Istanbul. They saw different rooms, in which girls could be not dressed in anything but high heels and masks on faces. Others wore beautiful lingerie and masks and were drinking red cocktails when their partners fucked them from the back. In other rooms, they saw as people smoked something from the long tubes of embouchures that were connected to hookahs. Some rooms were filled with indistinguishable bodies having sex – it was hard to count them, as there were almost no lights and endless movements everywhere.

As Lisa and Marie passed these rooms by, they saw premises with the same furnishing and changing people. Lots of people, maybe a hundred or so. They’ve lost a count of rooms with left and right turns when they arrived at their destination. Their attendant left and girls saw a company of men drinking cocktails abusing them. As the latter noticed girls, they started kissing and caressing them. In a minute, Lisa and Marie were undressed and one sucked someone’s sturdy cock when the other was sexed by a guy sitting on a couch while some guy tried her breasts on firmness. The drinking company offered cocktails to girls when they received a new portion. It seemed as if alcohol delivery was organized the same well as the delivery of new girls, as they saw as escort women were coming and going when they passed their room by.

Their two other escort partner girls went in the midst of their walk I this strange sex club. Lisa’s and Marie’s room was not the last in the circle or a labyrinth of joy. New sex partners joined their orgy as well for hours – young men went off the room and new ones joined. It was a very closed-type club known to a few but it looked like girls were collected to this place from the entire city.

When they’ve lost the sensation of time, the last man went away, they were visited by their primary attendant.

‘Get dressed to go’ – he was not wasting words, as the previous time.

Using the other way, much shorter, with their eyes tied they were escorted to the exit. Their palms took a pack of Euro bills and the door clanged behind. In the sudden silence, they took off the eye bandages and found themselves in a side street of the city center with no visible doors around, just walls… Dawn was already glowing, wonderfully sparkling on the roofs of buildings…

New girls Istanbul