New girls Istanbul presenting a story about ardent sex at home

One of the new girls Istanbul desired sex. To do that, she called her boyfriend and in just a few hours, there must have been the start of their experience. It was not just a plain sex – in and out and run. No, it supposed to be a sort of a game, when she – a blonde pussycat with tidy hair and neat face, slim and tall – supposed to groom herself very much to be perfect in the skin and odor to her boyfriend.

To do that, she took a shower first. In it, she neatly shaved off all the unnecessary hair where it was not supposed to be – in her labia, pubis, anal hole, and around these areas. She made it very carefully, shaving with a razor there many times to reach the silky-smooth skin. After the procedure was completed, she applied there a cream that softened and calmed a skin.

She did the bathing procedures for three hours, washing, shaving and grooming herself – you know as girls do when they are preparing themselves for a date. It was the bigger desire than just to have a date, as she definitely knew she had to look perfect – she did it for her, at the first place.


New girls Istanbul mistress is on the floor and is going to be completely naked soon; her wonderful breasts are luring and the butts are charming – try to taste this girl right now and will see that this inamorato has been created just for one thing – passionate sex


The head hair and a makeup took another two hours, during which her skin on the pubis and butt softened, experiencing the action of a mild cream. Needless to say that her lower lips were extensively pink and swollen when she started to get dressed – well if to call this a dressing up. The thing is that she was wearing now only a small panties comprising of two strings and they were hardly named underwear – they were mostly like a teasing item. The next was a transparent bra, in which she wanted to meet her boyfriend. And a tiny skirt atop – just not to be naked from the first glance.

Someone rang at the door and she knew it was he. She opened a door and her boyfriend entered the dwelling. He smelled nice either.

From the minute when he came in, they started to kiss – it seemed that they were waiting for this meeting and were hungry for each other now. He slid her skirt off and saw tiny panties. He was excited to see her in such attire and she was looking to him as one of the new girls Istanbul.

They came to the bedroom and he took the puss’s panties off, though they did not cover anything at all at the first place. She stood on the bed in the doggie style and asked him to take a scotch tape and to glue on to her ass in a way so he could move every buttock in the opposite direction and to glue the other sides of the scotch tape to her legs, exposing her vagina and ass hole as much as possible. So he was gluing the tape and fixing it on girl’s legs and thighs and watching as every butt moves far and far from the center each time, opening what’s between legs. The holes gradually opened and he saw as the skin became more and more tensed there. They both liked this, as for him it was easier to enter her and for her, it felt like her boyfriend enters much deeper from the start. After a while, 9 or 10 scotch strips were fastened and both holes were exposed to the fullest. There was no spare place left to move buttocks on the bigger distance. He took a cucumber from the table and put on a condom before entering it inside her. It was pretty easy now as she was opened on 2 inches at least. Her juices did the penetration as easy as possible and she loved the way this super hard cucumber moved inside of her.

He did the progressive and regressive movements inside for a while already, when she experienced the first wave of orgasm. From pleasant convulsions, she flowed even more and he decided it was a time to drop off the cucumber and to penetrate er with his large Willie.

Inside, it was hot and juicy, and she easily reached a peak number two from the way she felt. He was not stopping, though, and there was a reason: he wanted to finish also. She overtook the initiative and turned her face to him, taking his penis in a hand. In seconds, when he was cuming, she took it all in mouth not letting his sperm to sprinkle around, swallowing everything with delight.