Istanbul escort woman is implementing a long-standing fantasy of a man

This man always wanted to do this with an eskortlar girl. At least, that’s what he told me at the beginning of our 4-hour meeting (though he could pay me extra some 50 or 100 bucks and have me for all night instead of 4 hours (or maybe he wasn’t familiar with such a payment scheme?)). His dream was as follows:

  • Wrap me up into the transparent food tape all over, from tiptoes to the neck.
  • Glue me up with a sticky tape to immobilize even further.
  • Fuck me like this, totally powerless to move.

I don’t know whether he wanted to implement his fantasies with the immobilized girl that couldn’t resist him or did he show in this way his manned non-masculinity – I really didn’t give a damn. His idea was interesting and I totally supported such excitement.

When I got to his house, he sent me to take a shower and told me to pay specific attention to my genitals and anus hole – they had to be clean as never. Well, I’m always clean, my darling, when I come to a meeting.

I, an eskortlar woman, showered myself, the water gave more heat to my body and so I was flushed when I got out and wiped before entering the room for play.

He was already prepared and held two big coils of transparent-white food tape. He told me to make my legs apart and started from them. It was quite cold in the room but when I mentioned that, he told me that it was for the sake of my future comfort – as at once when I will be wrapped, I’ll feel hot. My nipples became hard from the chilliness and the upcoming submission to this man.

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He started from the right leg, wrapping all of it up and when it was ready, he fastened the end with scotch. He only left knees free. When he wrapped my other leg and arms, he left the knee and elbows the same free. As it turned out, it was done so I could bend them – I found it out when he told me to go down on his big bed and bend my knees in a way to grant him an access to my buttocks and pussy laying on the side. I half-sat on the bed and he started to wrap up the lower part of my body with knees bent to the trunk and in a minute or two, I could no longer move with my lower limbs as they were fastened with this wrapping. Finishing there, he ordered me to put my hands on the belly and take the threshold of my elbows with fingers thus making my hands intertwine on the belly, one upper, the second – lower. Then he wrapped up the upper part of my body the same way.

Now, only my buttocks were left without a tape but in the next two minutes, he put me on my left and then on the right side and rolled each of buttocks with a tape. Now it was only my head left unwrapped and a pussy with a butt love hole.

Taking a knife, he accurately cut the holes to release my breasts – so he can touch them too. After it, everything was set for the party.

He took body oil and sprinkled it abundantly on my crotch (sprinkling some amount of it into my pussy either – I liked the feeling and got more excited) leaving my lovely breasts of Eskortlar Istanbul girl dry. Finally, he entered my pussy. It was now not hard to enter me as grease was all over and inside so anything of sane and bigger size would enter in me now. As if reading my thoughts, not exiting my pussy, he slowly entered something round into my butt hole. It turned out to be a vibrator. I did not mind at all but even if I did, I couldn’t do anything about it as I was completely immobilized. But why should I have anything against? He uses my lithe body for the purpose it must be used – having own sexual enjoyment.

He grabbed my tits of 3rd size with hands and started fucking me, turning the vibrator on two seconds before that. Now he also could feel it’s working inside me through the walls of my internal organs. It seemed to arouse him (and me too). Going through fast minutes, he was about to end inside. Realizing that, he quickly exited my pussy, took out a vibrator with even quicker movement and ended in my butt right in some seconds after he entered the back hole. It was an amazing evening. He thanked me when I was already dressing up to leave that I made his fantasies come true in the best possible way. Well, enjoy, man, and call me more 😉

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