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I came to practice in the company that was specializing in marketing. Director of the company was very handsome but still not married. Half of the office girls wanted him to like them, but he was not bowed to anyone.

One day he called me in the evening & said that tomorrow we would go to an important meeting; I must have all the charm & get this deal! I wasn’t used to the office clothes & then have to wear a shirt & skirt. I looked gorgeous like an Istanbul escorts girl, especially on the heels.

In the morning, he came to pick me up. He said a couple of compliments without much passion & we went off to the meeting. We sat at a long table in a rather hot room. I undid a couple of buttons on my blouse. He obviously liked it. Basically, he was talking & I was beginning to get bored but continued smiling charmingly. Suddenly I felt his foot on my knee.

We sat close to each other & looked eye to eye. He smiled sweetly & naturally, still speaking with shareholders.

His foot slipped on the inner thigh, I began to be excited like an Istanbul escorts girl, my pussy filled with juice & my nipples swollen. But tight skirt did not let him squeeze on. I leaned a little to the front & opened her legs. He spotted my sign. So he began to stroke me on the thin strip of my panties. My pussy swelled & flowed, he slipped into my pussy & began to fuck me with his finger. I bit my lip not to moan & his eyes showed to the exit.

Under the pretext that I was feeling bad, I left the room & began to wait for him. A few minutes later, he flew away from a meeting & dragged me to the bathroom.

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Without further ado, I understood everything & stood towards the sink, I bent like an Istanbul escorts girl. He pulled up my skirt, tore off my panties & abruptly entered into me & began to fuck me. I could not help moaning very loudly. His hands glided over my body wrapping my chest & pulling my nipples hard. Looking up from my chest, he shoved a finger in my ass & slowly began to drive it inside. I started to cum, he pulled out his penis & began to beat my pussy with it; it was very nice.

He rubbed my pussy with his thick cock, entered me. Then he was pulling it out & continued this crazy rhythm. I moaned & sucked the finger. With the other hand, I was rubbing the anus & accidentally scratched his cock for which I received a sweet slap on the ass. He pulled my ass & planted me on his giant cock & I cried. He realized that shoved too deep & exited. I turned face to him. I pulled him to his eggs. They were huge, I started sucking them & my hand was jerking off his cock. He groaned & poured hot sperm on my face. He picked me up & started kissing passionately. I washed all the sperm from my face & licked my fingers. Then I pulled his still wet cock, spread my legs & tickled my pussy with it like an Istanbul escorts girl.

He took the game, could not endure any longer & drove it into me till the most balls. Our tongues entwined & we stood in this position for a long time.

When we returned to the hall, it was empty, the waitress explained that everything went well & that the colleagues decided that the boss took me to the hospital. So I got both the pleasure & the contract.