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That day I was wearing lace stockings like an Istanbul escorts girl, the beautiful skirt just above the knee, red shoes with heels and a nice blouse, which so well emphasizes my chest, especially when I’m without a bra.

The colleagues-men stared at me for any reason and were drooling when I climbed to the second floor because of stockings under the skirt contour was visible. So this boring day comes to an end… But I do not want to leave, I got into the Internet to search for someone who will be able to relax me today. I hit on the video chat, turned on the camera gently so my colleagues did not suspect anything and started to communicate with those who responded. There were a lot of people who wanted to fuck me like an Istanbul escorts girl. Men masturbate openly and were ready to come to my place immediately. But it was not enough, I started up, even was wet a little, but I wanted something else…

And suddenly I saw a girl named Margarita on the screen. She also turned a webcam on and I saw a sexy young blonde with hot eyes, big and beautiful breasts, protruding from under the T-shirts and beautiful lips like an Istanbul escorts girl. We quickly understood each other, and she began to tease me. I was very excited, stroke myself between the legs a little, not noticing as my skirt lifts up. I told her that I’m not alone in the office, and anyone can pass, so I cannot caress myself properly, I’m afraid, but it is not stopped, it seemed to her even more gambling and exciting. Margarita sucked her fingers like an Istanbul escorts horny girl and lowered them into the panties, caressing the clitoris and moaning… I even found the headphones in the office, because I wanted to hear her breathing as she whispers in my ear that she wanted me.

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At some point, I heard footsteps. The guard somehow lingered and walked past, checking the rooms, he heard my cries and looked into the cabinet. Seeing as I caress my pussy under the table, extending both legs that should be lowered and blouse, to caress my hard nipples, he was at the door, unzipped his fly on the pants and began to masturbate looking at me. At one point, I looked up a little from the laptop and saw him. Just in a couple of seconds of bewilderment, I froze and did not know what to do next. According to the reflex, I took my hand away and pulled down my skirt and blouse, but he smiled back at me and continued motions. Eventually I beckoned him with a finger to myself…

I raised the camera a bit, he came up to me and Margarita saw now the both of us. He put on the headphones, and she ordered him to do various dirty things with me. So that he licked me like an Istanbul escorts slut, sat on the table and fucked with his big and hard cock in pussy, then gave me to suck him deep and choking. I stood in front of the camera and was screaming from pleasure.

I remembered that day for a long time and the next day I was a little ashamed to look in the eyes of the guard, but we smiled at each other, and now I knew that I could call him any moment and he would come to fuck me and I – to suck his hard dick, which excites me so much!