Escort girls Istanbul are inventive and this story is about one of such girls

I did the great costumed gift for my boyfriend – this evening, I choose to be a schoolgirl wearing really depraved clothes – who doesn’t dream of having sex with his classmate, not limiting oneself in his thoughts? Even breaking a couple of rules?…

I have a boyfriend named Adrian, despite the fact I work as one of the escort girls Istanbul. I am asked sometimes – doesn’t it prevent me from having a personal life? No, escort girls are not unremitting sex machines – we are people and nothing from human features is alien for us. Yes, we work a lot, and often, in the non-standard schedule, but we find a lot of possible explanations to our business at the most inappropriate time of the day. However, this isn’t a revelation story. This is about one of the sexiest evenings we’ve spent lately together with my boy.

He works as a local limo driver. You don’t even imagine how many people in Istanbul order limo for their entertainment. He is often booked much more than I am so we ever have to try to find a time to date 😉 He is paid good, and we are saving for our apartment – we live this dream.

However, we all need to relax and do it really good – to have enough strength to continue fighting with this world. That is why I’ve decided to make him a good surprise. From my personal experience of escort Istanbul pussycat, I know that most of the clients who wish to see a girl changes her clothes into something playful, in more than in the third part of cases choose a schoolgirl. As far as I understand it, it is closely connected to male’s psychology that they need not only to conquer a girl but also to teach her something new – and what can be more pleasant than to have a completely fresh and decent girl in your hands, teaching her filthiness? I also think this is a broad topic to make evenings filled with sexual relaxation.

One of the escort girls Istanbul represents an image of a schoolgirl with alluring smile that wants to arrange the finest evening

That is why I bought clothes I needed. They only consisted of several stripes of transparent cloth – an ideal option for fucking when your eye rests on them. Under them, I’ve decided to wear some tiny underwear – just not to be completely naked right from the start – as undressing a girl also arouses guys, I definitely know that being one of girls Istanbul.

My panties consisted of usual thin strings of cloth, not covering my pussy. Even more – on the most interesting spot, they have an opening that makes it easy to enter inside of me without taking them off. Pieces of cloth that covered my breast were also not plain: after you pull cloth in sides, a nipple comes out at the middle, thus, making it possible to kiss it without taking a bra off either. Wearing all this, I was as if dressed and naked at the same time. I was so excited about granting a pleasure to my boy that I got aroused and was waiting for him with gradually moisturizing pussy. I liked that feeling – every time I have it, I really aspire to have sex, whatever a partner is – a client, a boyfriend, or myself if none of these two around but I want sex here and now. For such cases, I have a huge friend – pink helper, I call him Jack – ‘cause he plugs so good as Jack would do. Well, you know, a Jack is a wise guy from card games – somehow, I imagine him exactly like this: with a strong pecker of no less than 30 cm. I suppose, at least a half of Istanbul escort girls have such toys.

But! I’ve distracted a little. So: when Adrian opened a door, I was already waiting for him, standing dressed that sexy. I started kissing him without any preliminaries and I felt his hands roaming on my body that I greased a little with nice-smelling cream that gave chocolate scent to all of me.

We entered into a bedroom and I showed him under the bright sunlight, what I was wearing, bending to expose him my fabulous sexy pants and showing the exciting feature of a bra. He was really impressed with my sexuality so he was already naked with a hard-as-stone boner when I finished my little self-presentation. He called me and I sat directly on his dick, sharply and without words – and the fucking started. I was a schoolgirl with a succulent pussy that was full of the juice of lust and my breasts were jumping up and down when I gave all my energy to him. On that day, we had much more cool stuff done, but I’ll tell you about them the next time…

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