Istanbul Asian side girl stuck on the road because of a flat tire and a handsome guy helped her

Sasha from Istanbul Asian side escort model agency headed to her usual next order in this part of the city, when her car suddenly made such noises: bump, bump, bump, slowing down significantly every second. When it stopped, she got out of a car and looked around: the empty road in the 2:30 in the morning, the stunning brunette is standing beside her car, and literally no one who would and could help her with this bummer, or to tell her what this ‘bump’ sound was about.

The fog on the road didn’t help at all – she couldn’t see the approaching cars, and already missed several of them, while sitting in a car waiting for a help. After a second of a third bypassing car, she could no longer wait for salvation and called for her service manager to cancel her order as a punctual Istanbul Asian side escort model – she was driving to her client on the outskirts of this region and haven’t managed to handle an order. And after, she has decided to wait until anyone arrives, standing near the car in a fog that seemed to get even denser.

After another five of seven minutes, when a second cigarette was over, the bypassing car’s headlights amused her – she took her phone out and put the flashlight on it to signify her presence somehow. The car stopped in several meters from her. When she approached, she saw a fantastically looking handsome guy of about 33 years old – the only passenger of a car, who was also a driver.

When she explained to him what was the reason of her calling-out, he agreed to help, of course. It was hard to deny to a very enchanting girl of 22 years, having a tight dress and high heels, with definitely sexual hunger in her eyes and groomed appearance.

Istanbul Asian side paramour is showing the absence of her underwear, and she is in the backseat of a fancy car ready to give the pledge to a handsome guy who helped her with a flat tire

After some minutes, he found the reason for the sudden car’s stop – it was a flat tire. Luckily, she had a spare one in her truck and the guy changed it just in 20 minutes. After he finished with dealing the fastening of the flat tire in her truck, and saying it was all okay and she was ready to go, she asked him how she could pay him for his kindness and literally – salvation. She was hoping to have sex with him, as it was the nicest thing a puss from Istanbul Asian side could do – she usually did not bring too much cash with her.

He chuckled and told that she could kiss him passionately for his little assistance. She agreed and invited him in her car, on a backseat, where she started to kiss him on the lips fervently. It seemed as he loved it. And started to use his playful hands to feel the breasts of a girl, and soon, he went underneath her skirt to discover that she had not wear any panties. She was okay to have his hands on her genitals, and so she stepped onto the final base: she unzipped his pants and started to suck him fervently, as up to this moment, he was as sturdy as the Italian stallion.

She was sucking his cock with all her might for several minutes, and then, she adopted a decision and took her skirt off, staying completely naked underneath. She sat on his Willie with her puss and started to fuck a guy, while he was holding himself back on the car’s inner premises to keep a pace and not to fail. The pace started to grow bigger; she wanted him to finish inside of her (he was in a condom at that moment). He completed in three minutes. The warm sensation was flowing inside of a girl, and she made the next quest – she moved off him, and started to masturbate a guy, taking off his condom. His swollen dick was weak at first, but then it grew bigger and sturdier. Finally, she managed to make it hard as a rock again, licking it and insanely masturbating with a hand. In some time after, he finished again in her cherry-colored mouth. She felt satisfied – she did all that depended on her to say ‘thanks’ for the car repairing.