Eskortlar girl did not want to fool around, but the passion and the consent of her husband did their job, the night for the three of them went luxuriously

One day a couple of friends came to visit us. I made a lot of food, and my husband bought some alcohol. When all was eaten and drunk, it was found that it’s too late and our friends have to spend the night with us.

We live in a studio apartment, we have only one bed but it is big and we decided to sleep altogether. Husbands are in the middle, and we are at the edges. Ten minutes later, talking about that & about this, all fell asleep. I woke up about two hours from the unbearable desire to go to the toilet. I went to the toilet and when I came back, I saw that my husband rolled over to my place, and I had to lie down on it, but that did not stop me from quickly falling sleep.

The second time I woke up, feeling my husband takes off with my panties as if I was an eskortlar girl.

I was not surprised because often at night, he wanted sex and he always lowered my panties and fucked me. I was lying on my side, back to my husband and I raised my ass, so it was more convenient to insert his penis. It did not take long; he gently spread my pussy lips as if I was an eskortlar girl and slowly began to enter into my body. Then, for the first time I felt that something was wrong. The cock seemed huge. I turned my head and saw the excited face of my friend’s husband. I tried to break free from his embrace, but his tenacious hands wrapped around my abdomen and held me close to him, and his thumb slid over my clit. I continued to try to break ofа his hands, and at that moment, I realized I did not want to wake the others.

I decided not to make a noise, and to wait until he is satisfied. Suddenly, I felt a growing pleasure. I wanted to moan like a real 2 eskortlar girl, but I could not do it, afraid of waking up my husband.

Then I felt a light kiss on my lips and, opening my eyes, I saw my husband’s face. He woke up and also decided to fuck me, even not knowing that his place is already occupied by the brazen guest. My husband continued to kiss me on the lips, and his hand, meanwhile, began to fondle my breasts. From an unusual situation, excitation wave washed over me, and I began to cum like a horny eskortlar girl. My husband finally realized that something is not right and his hand slid down to my pussy. I all cringed in anticipation of badness and tried to get off from the cock, as a result my husband found in my pussy the dick of another man. And then I felt the touch of my hand. It turned out to be my husband’s erection. I grabbed his fingers and began to masturbate gently. God, I never thought I could feel something like that!

It is unknown to a man, who delivered no less pleasure to me than my husband. In this case, it was not even the size of his penis, even though it is clearly pleased me. These emotions allowed me to feel like a real escort girl who enjoys the feeling of rough male caresses. It was something amazing, I was so pleased and at the same time, I felt a little dirty. But even this did not affect my excitement, I knew that my husband was not against such a game. In the end, I just threw away all unnecessary thoughts and decided to have fun as long as I could.

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A cock of another man continued to hammer away in my hole, and I became excited again. He decided to change his position: suddenly pulled out his dick and began to introduce it to my ass. I quickly figured out what to do, and sent a cock of my husband in my pussy. He did not have to beg for a long time, and after a few seconds, I found myself for the first time in my life strung on two cocks. From all this, I began to cum so much that for a while, I was disconnected from all that is happening. Then I realized that my husband and my guest filled my two holes with sperm.

The next morning, we had breakfast and our friends left us. After they left, my husband and I had a long conversation, which ended with rough sex. We unanimously concluded that our sex life needed diversity. A lot of pleasure is yet to come!