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Kate was a 20-year-old Escort Istanbul model with long legs and perfect shapes; she was preparing for the breakfast and cut the vegetables for the salad. Standing with her back to the door, she, of course, had no idea that her boyfriend Dylan is propping the door with his shoulder, for several minutes admiring the views of her sweet ass. Kate was on his shirt, which tilted at each movement brazenly opened her silk panties for Dylan’s eyes. Pants were narrow and Dylan could catch a glance out of the corner of juicy pink labia. Sweet longing captivated his mind; he remembered the details of last night.

But Dylan came up to the girl and put his arm around her waist, his arms folded in the lock on her stomach. He inhaled the scent of her hair, pressed his lips to the earlobe and began to whisper hot horny words in her ear. The girl decided to continue her morning routine but her cheeks were already red. Dylan’s lips descended on the girl’s neck, and his hands began to unbutton the buttons of the shirt from the bottom up. With his left hand, he began to knead her breasts, and the right hand caressed her pussy through already got wet cloth panties.

Escort Istanbul girl Kate languidly breathed, biting her lip. Dylan moved his left-hand from the swollen nipples to the ass of the girl. He pushed aside the fabric of panties and ran his fingers from the vagina to the anus ring. Then he took in his fingers a little bit of soft butter from the plate on the table and began to smear the anus of the girl. Two of his finger easily entered into the hole and started fucking it.

Escort Istanbul girl Kate pushes her ass to meet his hand. She felt extraordinarily well. She felt a pleasant heaviness in the abdomen and wanted those caresses never end. Dylan abruptly took his hands out of her clothes and, putting his left hand on her back, bent her forward. Kate put her elbows on the table and obediently waited for her fate.

Dylan took from the table with his free hand a fresh, thick cucumber and drove it into the vagina of the girl. Kate screamed from the sudden. Thick stick seemed like torn her insides apart. But soon the pain was replaced by either an incomparable feeling of pleasure.

Escort Istanbul girl Kate in the kitchen preparing breakfast and waiting for her boyfriend who will show her what a real spontaneous passion is, she is almost naked and humble apron on her sexy body only adds to her eroticism and appetite

Oh, how nice the cucumber touched the vaginal walls of the girl! Waves of orgasm ran over her, tearing sweet moans from the depth of her chest.

Escort Istanbul model Kate did not hear a zipper on the pants of Dylan. He drew from her the cucumber and began kissing her in the labia with hot kisses, licking her juices. Kate has not yet awakened from orgasm, flying over the moon. Dylan pulled out his long-standing cock and has summed head to the anus and, leaning over the body, immediately drove it into the whole.

Kate was so surprised! The thought that she is fucked in the ass ran into her mind. Dylan unceremoniously thrust his dick to its full length, with both hands caressing her breasts. The hole was tight and warm. Unable to hold back any longer, he flooded her with the sperm, having experienced a fabulous orgasm. Escort Istanbul girl Kate could no longer stand this sweet torture and huddled in the throes of orgasm.