Escort Istanbul Whatsapp woman prepares a dinner for her client at his home

Sometimes I receive unusual assignments, complementing the original idea of calling me to someone’s home or apartment. One of such tasks yesterday was making a dinner at clients’ house. Completely naked. Well, only wearing an apron. Though, it was even more arousing than wearing nothing – as, you know, it is always much sexier to wear one or two things on the naked body than to be completely undressed. I already understood that it was a part of a man’s psychology: when a girl from Escort Istanbul Whatsapp service (and any other girl either) wears only something, it excites them much more than when she becomes totally undressed. That is why stockings and high heels (without anything else) are so popular among the men population during sex with a girl. Especially if she is pretty, just like me.

Anyway, Alex (his name) bought all the ingredients necessary for making a dinner. He spent about half-day to select a proper girl from our Escort Istanbul Whatsapp agency who would know how to cook well and could give him 2-3 hours of pure visual satisfaction in the kitchen (eventually, from all girls of Escort Istanbul Whatsapp service, he picked me). The apron of pink color was rather medium in size and half-opened my breasts. It tied in a knot on my back and neck, completely opening my naked back, buttocks, and legs to his sight. He also wanted me to put on high heels.

It was convenient to walk the floor of a kitchen as he had linoleum on a floor (not tiles as many other similar houses have), and the temperature was a little bit upper than the warm, so in this winter day, I was in full comfort. And with a glass of nice red wine, which he had 5 bottles in his cupboard.

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First, I had to take care of greenery and vegetables to make a) salad and b) cooked vegetables that would go in a stew together with meat. I washed them thoroughly under the running water, standing my legs wide apart so he could watch what’s between my beautiful long legs: a completely shaved pussy. He sat behind me in one of the comfortable chairs watching all my moves with a glass of wine in his palm. His eyes sparkled. I washed vegs half-leaning over the washer making sexual movements with carrots, zucchinis, and cucumbers as if I was polishing his dick. Sometimes I threw fast glances at him and saw as his penis inflated until the complete boner occurred in his pants. He wasn’t intended to hide it.

When I stood to cut meat in small cubes to put them in a stew roaster form for the oven (a stewpot), I completely opened my breasts to his sight, standing face to him. I moved my body as if I was polishing something. Not cutting the meat up and down, I was slicing it instead with long movements back and forth, moving my chest along the way, back and forth, and again… At this time, he took his penis out of his pants and started to masturbate. Not too hard though, just as if chilling, gently, to avoid finishing too fast.

In several minutes, the meat was cut. Vegetables were stewing on a usual fire in the frying pan before I would mix them with meat in the stewpot to cook in an oven for an hour and a half. Salt, pepper, and other spices were added and vegs were left to wait for their time. I put the meat in the stewpot and started to chop the salad drinking a second glass of this fantastic wine. I shook my buttocks in sides from time to time to entertain my client, as I know from my vast experience of an Escort Istanbul Whatsapp lady that men love with eyes. He was still pleasing himself with a hand, slowly moving it, definitely imagining what he would do with me with his skin flute. I leaned my hands on the stone countertop, looking directly into his eyes, and raised my apron to show my neat pussy. I saw a silent invitation in his eyes. As the dinner was going to wait for some ten minutes or so, I approached him and sat on his erect cock with my hole. It was pleasant as he was hot and completely ready to make it happen. He put his glass on a countertop and embraced my shoulders with his hands to guide me. We started to increase our pace; I moved my thighs forth and back more than up and down, as it was more productive when making love in a chair. Finally, he was about to cum – then I jumped off his dick and took it in my mouth, continuing to move his skin. In just a second or two, he flushed my oral cavity with an abundance of his semen…