List of all services you can view the questionnaire every girl, may differ depending on the preferences of our models. Our prices you can find in the questionnaires. We provide services incall in  hotel room or on departure in hotels a 4 * or 5 *. There are exceptions for regular customers (if you first met the girl in you hotel room, may be, for a second time, she agreed to come to you in your apartment or other place of your choice)

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69 (position)

69 is the best possibility not only to sexually entertain yourself possessing a girl but also to take the maximum close look to woman’s genitals, smell and even literally taste them. As they will be in some inches or even millimeters to your eyes and mouth, this pose is especially candid when it comes to having close intimacy with our escort girls. If you are bored of doing this pose when she is laying on you, you may change into the next ones: you are laying on her, and you are both laying on the side. These three variants are the same evenly great when it comes to exploration of bodies of each other. 69 escort girls

Extraball (have sex many times)

This, strictly speaking, is not a service provided by our Istanbul girls, but an opportunity to receive more than one time sex within the limits of your date with a girl. If you eager to sex enough, you may have sex many times with an ordered girl: two, three, four… whatever number you will sustain. She is ready for such ardency from men, as sometimes men order a girl to have extraball specifically. There are so passionate men that aren’t satisfied with one time, even if they were heated-up with other services before. During extraball, the client is free to use as many other services as he or she wants to. Extraball

BJ (blowjob)

BJ is the service that is especially liked by men and arouses their sexual desire. Imagine yourself when a girl of magnificent beauty with her extremely well shaved and alluring smelling pussy will delight you with pinching, sucking, tasting, kissing your Willie and will turn her tongue over it, licking or playing with you balls (and, if you like to – with your anus). During this, to enhance the effect from a blowjob, she may caress herself with a free hand, to take you to the heights of visual and tangible ecstasy. This is what our Istanbul girls are ready to do for your pleasure 24/7/365, you only ask them to and order right now. blowjob

Massage (amateur)

Massage done by our Istanbul girls is something that actively can come in conjunction with HJ. While the latter one is done only and exclusively with your penis, massage is done to all your body. The great thing about this service is that you, in addition to the fantastic girl with velvety skin and magnificent sex to her, receive the massage pleasure and sexual arousing at the same time. You can relieve the latter one with the help of that very same girl that does massage to you, which is almost never possible with the real masseuses that provide ONLY the massage. So, don’t restrain yourself with this service, as this is the double pleasure actually. Massage

Doggie style (position)

Doggie style is adored by all of our Russian girls, as this position makes them work less giving you the same pleasure that usually and, in the same time, to make you control the situation completely. This pose is when you are standing on your feet or knees and entering a girl from the back in one of her two holes. This allows you to control the amplitude, the frequency, and the depth of penetration. You are possessing a girl in this pose more than in any other. This pose is very candid, as it is also possible to see all woman’s charms that she has from below and simultaneously – to enter into them. Doggie style

COB (cum on body)

Cum on body is one of the purest delights for men that prone to spend time with our Russian girls. This is when you finish and cuming of a body part of a girl – choose any. This can be her beautiful face, lithe neck, elastic belly, curvaceous ass, white arm, or even her hair if you like it this way. You are free to make cum inside of a girl’s lower lips (being in the condom, of course, as safety stands above all), and that may also be considered a COB service. Our girls, independently of what they are in age, nationality, and their level, allowing this service without restrictions and even may arouse you even more to enhance your feelings from this. cum on body

DFK (deep french kiss)

Deep French kiss, as it is obvious from its name, was born in France, as once the capital of love, in former times. Now, this is an absolutely European country with the same strict outlook on sexual behavior, but they gave the world a pleasure of exchanging saliva from mouth to mouth by exploring a partner’s mouth with a tongue. During the DFK, any our escort girl will provide you pleasing moments with her lips and tongue that they will shove in your mouth cavity and will make it soaring inside. Don’t think this isn’t private enough – they will prove you are wrong by infinitely arousing you with such a kiss. deep french kiss

HJ (hand job)

In the case with a hand job, it is simple. It is the same service, which is provided widely in the ‘massage salons’ if you know what we mean. The other name to it is a happy ending. It is when a Russian girl of our model agency makes your penis the amateur or professional massage with her hands, getting you to the top of ecstasy. This service in the ‘massage salons’ almost never involves any other part of the body, whilst in our model agency, it can be actively intertwined with any other service, including oral caressing and penetration. When receiving HJ, it is easier for you to finish more than once, as the soft hands (and mouths) of our playful pussycats give unearthly excitement. Hand job

LD (lap dance)

A lap dance is a kind of sex that may not include sex, actually. It is when a VIP escort woman is ‘dancing’ on your lap, swinging and whirling from side to side and up & down. The good about it is the sensation of a soft and sexy girl on your lap that touches you with her legs and what is between them. Another good thing is that if you enhance the relative position of a girl to you and get her closer, you are easily penetrating in her. And, as she continues the LD, you actually sex her. The thing is that a man falls under subordinate position, and a girl rules the process, but if you don’t mind – you will have a huge amount of pleasure from this one. Lap dance


The guys sometimes, the same as girls, need sexual arousal. That is why foreplay is an especial preliminary game aimed at this. Our VIP girls are ready to provide you such arousal and to play with you. Sometimes (and pretty often), such service intertwines with fetish, as they both are games, may use the dressing-up, and be preliminary played. But the difference is that fetish may be used during and even after the act is over when foreplay usually stands out only for indeed preceding of your date and may be played without dress at all or to be aimed at undressing. This is, for example, playing strip poker or other stripping game, or when you chase and catch each other in the premises. Foreplay

GFE (girlfriend experience)

Girlfriend experience is making a look that this escorts girl is not a dolly from a paid service but your real alive girlfriend. GFE may be required when: you want to boast before other people that you have a girlfriend, you want to show the same to your parents (a girl will spend the evening full of fun with them and you), you don’t have a real one but time to time need someone who would bring you a coffee in bed or dine with you. In such cases, no one knows that she isn’t your real girl, as all our pussycats know how to behave during this and will know lots of information about you to seem a real couple to you. girlfriend experience

Strapon (for you or for her)

The service named ‘strapon’ is when a girl from escorts penetrates a man according to his desire, with an artificial penis named dildo. It is fastened on a girl’s waistline and she sexes man as long as he wants until he finishes. Otherwise, this can be applicable to a girl – when a man enters a dildo inside of hers one hole to penetrate in her another one. The sequence of holes may be different, as historically women have three of them to be used during sexual intercourse. To identify the difference between men’s and women’s strapon penetration, sometimes used definitions such as ‘active’ (inside men) and ‘passive’ (inside women). These both are done by our girls. Strapon

Couples (you and your partner)

Couples are a typical service that is provided by our Istanbul girls, meaning that a girl you’ve ordered, is ready to have sex with you and your partner. You can do it in a threesome, or separately, one by one, or one of you can even watch but not participate. You may change positions with your partner using our model for your pleasure, as well as change the sequence of your actions with your pussycat. The partners can be, of course, of different or the same genders and it does not play any role at all for our girls – you simply do what you want and she will arouse you both with her active participation in the process. Couples

Golden shower

Someone may consider this service something dirty, indecent or even ribald. But the golden shower is the especial thing that definitely must be tried. It is provided by our escort girls at your first request and it takes especial conditions for that – a bath or a shower where you can fit in two (or at least one of you – the one, who will ‘receive’ this service). Basically, it means that she urinates on you or you do this on her (or you do it simultaneously on each other). This isn’t anything dirty, indeed, as you have a chance to wash significantly in the shower room. But it is definitely exciting and consider you haven’t tried one of the most remarkable sex ways if you haven’t tried this one yet. Golden shower

CIM (come in mouth)

After you are caressed by our VIP girls orally, it is pretty logical to come in mouth of this girl. Having this story to tell your friends or to leave it to yourself exclusively, you will be delighted for years. Not so many men can boast with the fact that they did CIM of a stunning beauty that did everything they told her to. This service is provided by almost every girl of our model escort agency and can be combined with any other, at your discretion – because you are the architect of your delightful evening and no one else. Thus, whatever you wish, will be immediately done. come in mouth

OWO (oral without condom)

OWO stands for oral without condom service. It is adopted to separate it as another service because sometimes it bears risk – the girls don’t know anything about the purity of the next customer. But this is not only that. Some of the girls don’t like to swallow the sperm of a stranger and thus is the reason not every escort girl does this service. Some may require the medical certificate that you are clean. However, sex is mutual trust, at the first place, and normally our girls do it without any additional hesitations if everything looks normally. Anyway, knowing you are pure, the process will be pleasing, as every our girl is also pure and this is backed up with periodical checks. oral without condom

Fetish (unleash your fantasies)

Fetish is the service when you, besides of sex, are playing with the escorts girls, using various lingerie, dildos, strapons or other toys, wearing anything on you like a costume of a woodcutter, for example, or making your partner wore anything you adore. The specificity of such service is that you have to have these toys and clothes you want to implement in your sexual games, upfront, prior to ordering a girl. The same is right for her – if you want your woman dressed anything or took anything with her, you have to book this girl upfront, to make sure she will take it with her. If there is anything must be bought before coming to your place, you have to inform a girl about this as well and include it in the price of her services. Fetish

Super escortlar mistresses suck six dicks to find out, which belongs to whom

Kurtkoy Rus escort lovers are always open for games. Especially erotic ones. Those, which you could play at lecherous parties, where open-minded people are gathered. Those, which you can make a shtick of your private date with a girl or during the meeting with her in the tight circle of your closest friends (like a bachelor party). Those, which require girls’ malleable bodies and actions for especially debauched ideas. A story you’re reading is about one of such parties, where men gathered to have fun and entertain themselves to the fullest with Istanbul escort kızları.

Eve gelen escortlar paramour tries various greasing things to masturbate to men

Cheyenne, an Istanbul escort bayanlar agency mistress, invites guys to a well-decorated house of pleasure, which was hidden from prying and unaware eyes, being positioned close to one of the hills of the city. A three-story mansion made in Renaissance style under a red roof was a place of dwelling of about a dozen Istanbul Rus escort bayanlar girls, in addition to Cheyenne, where each had two rooms: one for love with clients, another was their private lives. There, girls lived if they wanted to or simply visited the place at times if they lived outside. It’s like Playboy Mansion only, in this house, sex wasn’t destined for one old guy only.

Bayanlar eskortlar young lover explores sex poses with her client

You know, Kama Sutra is a very useful book, which gives a lot of food for thought. VIP escort kızlar agency girl has tried it several times in her career for now. But since carrying the entire book all the time was heavy, she made a light version of it – only pictures, 6 at a time on one page, 12 on both sides. That shrunken the weight dramatically, as now only about 10 pages were carried along. That would fit into even a small ladies’ purse. Oh, and she has downloaded the poses in modern implementation – shown by real people or their silhouettes, instead of satisfying with ancient Indian-style drawings from the original “book of pleasures”.