Schoolgirl dressed escort lady

Age 22
Nationality Russian
Height 171
Weight 52
Breast size 2
Body 90-60-90
Hair Golden
Eyes Green
Languages english, russian
Country Turkey
City Istanbul
Working hours 24/7
Registrate 08.10.2022

Schoolgirl dressed escort lady is fabulously charming and unimaginably erotic. You can see that we’re not fucking around with you — look at her pictures in the profile and enjoy yourself with the appealing nudity of this lover. She is smiling or half-smiling in every picture and this tells about her sweet and kind nature.

Age 18
Nationality Ukrainian
Height 159
Weight 52
Breast size 2
Body 89-62-90
Hair Brown
Eyes Green
Languages english,russian,turkish
Country: Turkey
City: Istanbul
Working hours 24/7
Registrate: 13/07/2017

Girl from escort in a student dress appears in the image of a humble schoolgirl. She manages to transfer the ambiance through all her 5 pictures on the site here, that we believe her she is a student. Who would deny himself in pleasure to have a student like her? And although we all understand she is adult, of 18, the image is still sexy and thrilling, provoking desire and calling to the very essence of man: will to copulate. Do not restrain yourself. Why do that? Because you don’t think you want to possess an overly charming girl? That’s a huge mistake. You do want her, admit it.


Schoolgirl dressed escort lady tells her pursuit experience

“In pursue of a bike, best guess, it is Yamaha, the registration number is …” I heard the words of the police officer he screamed on a portable radio to an operator. The police car with two officers was chasing us now for several miles already in this rural asphalt road in Turkey.

My Yamaha was fast but so the police car was too. I was flying ahead trying to lose them in about 130-150 km/hour. Hard to breathe in the helmet. My friend was on another bike a little bit back after me and we were doing this chase that the police forced us to do. Now we had no other chance but to lose them. I don’t want to go to jail.

It all started a half an hour ago – I came to a residence of a client of a schoolgirl dressed escort lady – I provide such services.