Russian escort Istanbul

Inga Russian Escort
Age 24
Nationality Ukrainian
Height 171
Weight 56
Breast size 3
Body 90-60-90
Hair brown
Eyes brown
Languages english, russian, turkish
Country: Turkey
City: Istanbul
Working hours 24/7
Registrate: 27/06/2017

Russian escorts model named Inga is a luxuriant pussy that wants to give all her to the man that will be strong enough mentally to tame the sexual energy of a girl like her. She is really exceptional – those girls like her destined the best of all for splendid sex full of unimpeachable emotions. She looks strong and tasty, she has looks, and feeling of taste, she is very groomed and totally accurate. Her forms are really mind-blowing, so call us today to make sure this beauty will work for you in the destined time, place, and date. There is nothing better than to hold such an exceptional lover in your hands – as her appearance is worthy to be remembered through years.


Asya Russian Escort
Age 22
Nationality Russian
Height 169
Weight 50
Breast size 4
Body 93-62-90
Hair black
Eyes gray
Languages english, russian, turkish
Country: Turkey
City: Istanbul
Working hours 24/7
Registrate: 29/06/2017

Russian escort woman Asya is the one who will tame your sexual hunger during only one date. You can use this irreproachable puss as an escort on the meeting elsewhere or directly go to your place or a hotel number – and do there with her whatever you want. Such a girl is likely to do anything that other regular girls wouldn’t do – your girlfriend or wife, for instance. That is why many men are searching for something great and find this girl to perform many lustful fantasies. Order her right now to become a super male ensuring many fantasies coming into life. A girl is already waiting and she knows how to deliver you where you wanna be.



Russian escort in Istanbul woman is engaged in physical exercises

Russian escort in Istanbul woman Annie had a workout at home. She hated going to the public gym for several reasons. Firstly, almost all of the male population stared at her slim body that had the second-sized breast and was crowned with pretty head with long dark hair. Secondly, she knew about such places that so many people were neglecting personal hygiene – it was disgusting to step into the shower after them (and there was a 100% probability of catching finger fungus there) and to change dresses on the sweated bench. To avoid all that stuff but still maintaining herself in a good shape that her profession required, she equipped a mini-gym in her house, where several machines were used as basic and enough set.

A girl from Russian escort in Istanbul poses to a client with a classy camera in his hotel room

Istanbul Russian girl aged 24 named Alla has come to another client in his hotel room. He requested her to have several pairs of sexy underwear and informed upfront that he would do photos of this brown-haired and brown-eyed girl. Her forms were appetizingly enchanting – in this, a photographer made sure right after a girl got undressed and worn a first pair of red underwear to make a photo shoot.