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Istanbul Escort Agency Rosa
Age 24
Nationality Ukrainian
Height 163
Weight 51
Breast size 3
Body 96-60-96
Hair Blond
Eyes Blue
Languages english,russian,turkish
Country: Turkey
City: Istanbul
Working hours 24/7
Registrate: 22/07/2017

Escort agency Rosa girl delivers craziness into life. Do you have a horny dream when a girl smeared with whipped cream made of mango is jumping on your cock and you watch animal porn on your TV in this very same time? She can do it. Or maybe you dream about being tied up and get used by this girl in every your hole and opening? She can do it also. Or you have any other insane, filthy or illiterate sexual dream? No matter what your fantasy looks like – sublimed or perverted or anyhow else – Rosa will make it really happen to satisfy you even more than you could have imagined yourself. No other girl in your life loves to make you pleased the way Rosa loves it.


Istanbul Escort Agency Inna
Age 23
Nationality Russian
Height 172
Weight 60
Breast size 2
Body 96-63-93
Hair Black
Eyes Black
Languages english,russian,turkish
Country: Turkey
City: Istanbul
Working hours 24/7
Registrate: 17/07/2017

Escort agency is proud to present you Inna, a girl of your dreams, with natural face and breasts of the second (actually, they are closer to third) size. She is tanned and young. She is full of ardor and zealous about everything that is connected to client’s satisfaction. To make you feel even better, we have prepared the special price for regular clients – ordering this girl twice, you receive the third time of the same length with luring discount (talk over the amount of discount before ordering a girl in the 3rd time with our phone operator)! This will be a great supplement to your satisfactory date with this girl and nothing will stand on a way when there’ll be just you, her, and moonlight.


Istanbul Agency girls on an interview to become a secretary of a solid firm

This story has been before Alla, one of Istanbul agency girls became now employed in her current position. In a time of the story, Alla was the 19-years-old girl with blond curly hair. She had it all as she has now from the body parameters: firm breasts of the 3rd size; eager look with an expressed desire to make various stuff in sex when she wanted to entertain herself; curvaceous body 96-54-98 that was very intriguing for people around her, especially men; very tight and sporty ass – she loved physical exercises and not always, they were ones in the gym, sometimes passionate sex replaced them. The height of that beauty was over 170 cm and with such parameters, she was a desirable piece for many lustful men. She was aware that the way she looked may turn out very beneficial several or more times in her life – she has done so when she needed something and people just gave it to her because of her beauty, expecting a little in return.

Escort agency in Istanbul woman is having fun after a ride in a car

Her name was Anastasia. She was one of Escort agency girls working in the city of Istanbul. She adored providing some captivating services like a deep French kiss, usual classic and anal sex and oral caressing. She got high from these and could do them all night long – as long as her strengths would be enough for that. She especially adored the going-out orders of clients like this one: they were now riding in a cabriolet car towards the seashore that was not overcrowded with tourists, free from city smog – and this ride had to be from 2 to 3 hours long to reach a nice place, where a client had a cottage house surrounded by the fence from three sides and having sea with private beach from the fourth.