Mila has called for a visit her ex for bottle of wine or as an escort lady amused left alone in the apartment with an excited guy

In those summer weekends, Mila’s parents had to leave the country and she invited boyfriend Steve. She decided to have a drink with him, to talk about this and that. They were friends almost from childhood and treated each other as friends – no more. General, there were a lot of common themes.

Steve arrived at 10 pm with a bottle of wine. But it turned out that Mila already had one. Sitting in the kitchen, they quickly drank the first under the sandwiches from the hostess. They laughed joked, shared memories… Because of the alcohol, it became hot. “I will go change” – Mila said, and left the kitchen to the dress room.

Mila decided to put on something light. Short black dress? Perhaps it is a very open and like outfit for escort girls, but it’s convenient. Perfect solution. Rather, it was even a sundress. She felt her nipples tightened. It gave her a resemblance to the seductress escort model from Istanbul. She returned to the kitchen. “Cool dress!” –Steve remarked.

“Thank you!” – Mila smiled. She decided to flirt with him a little bit.

They drank a little more, until they ran out of sandwiches. Mila got up and walked over the kitchen table. She began to cut bread. Then she stopped and looked back a little. Steve with a glass in his hand was looking at her. Then she wiped a knife on the floor as if dropped accidentally. Mila bent so that the black dress on her ass ridden more and now she really felt like an escort girl. She picked up the knife and continued to prepare a snack with wine.

A moment later, her back was pressed against Steve. He hugged her. Something hard rested at her ass. She knew what it was.

“What are you doing?” – she said with a grin. Mila tried to push him back, but he hugged her even tighter. Then she gathered her strength and pushed him so sharply with her booty, he fell back, while pulling Mila behind. Steve was lying on the floor. It was lovely. She tried to get up quickly, but wine prevented his intentions. She stood on one knee. She turned to him and smiled, “Oh, my!”

Steve jerked toward her and threw her on her back. She was shocked by such behavior. Steve parted her legs and tore her panties in a fit of passion with sharp movement, as if she were a guest escort girl Istanbul.

“Ah! Don’t!” – cried Mila. But her friend had already penetrated into her with fingers. “Don’t… Don’t…” – no she moaned longer resisting. Steve took off his jeans, spread her legs a little wider and entered her. Mila was squirming on the floor to the beat of his movements, which were accelerating. She hugged him with her legs and kissed him. Tears were in her eyes. A few minutes later, she arched sharply and went limp. Steve sat on a chair, poured wine into a glass and drank it. He looked at his girlfriend. Never would he have thought the way it is. As she would influence so much on his drunken mind.

Mila barely lay down, then tried to stand up. She failed to do it. She did not have the strength. She got on all fours and slowly crawled out of the kitchen to the bedroom. Steve looked slowly on swaying body moves. It was a strange view, but exciting. Slowly swaying appetizing ass, like one of young escort models. She moves away from him. Steve put his glass on the table, got up and went after her.

Mila has not crept away from the kitchen when two hands grabbed her ass. And she felt the sharp pain in her buttocks. Mila rested her head on the floor. The pain was replaced by incredible pleasure. She started to howl loudly. Steve fucked her roughly and she could only moan passionately until they both finished together.

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