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Your slender and flexible silhouette in the moonlight seemed perfect, you looked like a sexy fairy nymph or pretty seductress from istanbul escort. Finally, you’ve decided to come ashore.

I dived, caught up with you, my passionate escort Istanbul girl, slowly surfacing at you from behind, starting to caress you with my hands, lifting your legs from above and, slowly covering your back and neck with kisses, I got to your chest. Touching your bust with an elastic hose of cool water and caressing your nipples, I heard your howl and felt the fine tremor of your body.

You threw your head back, opening the view on two perfect hills, hidden only with small pieces of white, sodden cloth.

I continued to cover your neck with kisses, slowly turning face to you. We did not come out of the water, but did not feel coolness of its drops.

Not stopping at this, I untied your swimsuit, throwing it to the shore. You did not pay any attention to it, still standing in the moonlight, in the white trunks of some left on you. Distinct outlines of firm breasts with nipples strained to make you look like a girl from a poster advertising istanbul escorts.

I continued to cover your body with kisses, examining it with my hands, feeling your elastic butts, getting my fingers in the hollow between your legs. You leaned closer, pressing my hand to you even tighter. I did not leave your breasts alone, continuing to cover them with kisses, stopping and paying special attention to your nipples.

Your hands never for a moment stopped even at one centimeter of my body, as if trying to capture it all at once.

You finally reached my hard Willie. Put your hand under the gum melts and took it with your hand, firmly but smoothly squeezing. At the same time, you issued a sigh and your body tensed, as if you just were covered with the orgasm.

You started to move your hand up and down, slowly at first, gradually accelerating. Your temper was sweet and tempting, like an istanbul escort girls. I continued to caress you by running your fingers in your pussy.

I could not stand it any longer, picked you so that your firm breasts appeared right in front of my face. You immediately threw my torso with your feet, neck with hands, your movements were confident, like of an escort in Istanbul.

We kissed for some time, occasionally distracted from each other only for getting some air into the lungs.

I pushed the narrow stripes of your swimming trunks and began to lower you to my hard and hot dick. Once your pussy touched my penis, you are issuing a sweet, deep roaring, completely dropped, and sat on it to its very foundation.

Increasing the pace, I’m starting to penetrate more into you with each thrust making it all the more persistently and insistently. You bellow even more, leaning back on my hands, me to keep you all this time on weight. With one hand, I held you by the waist, the other one was stroking the ass.

After orgasm, you start to tremble all over. But I do not stop, only slowed down a little; continued to enter into you. You froze in my hands, however, continue moving. After a while, you begin to gradually move to the beat of my movements, helping with your white thighs.

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But the wave of orgasm approached and I strongly but gently left your body with my penis in. You immediately sit down on your knees, blessing we had almost come out from the water. You took my cock in your mouth and started to suck it quickly, but gently, running tongue on the head, swallowing it almost completely, and then almost fully releasing from your mouth, helping yourself with hand. It did not last long and I cum on your chest.

There are a couple more days we spent there, on the beach, and I didn’t want to miss a moment with you.