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He told me to dress up for a dirty place. He took us on the site on his jeep and gave some ammunition: a flashlight, rope, and a sheathed knife – just in case. And some more useful stuff in a small backpack (taking the same set along with him) – to protect ourselves from the unforeseen circumstances. For instance, if the arch of the cave falls down, or stalactite cracks and falls, or rocks will block our way… Sex is fun no matter if you are an eskortlar Istanbul girl or her client but the safety of life is even more fun.

There are two natural caves around Istanbul: Yarımburgaz Cave (popular place amongst the tourists and local dwellers) and İkigöz Cave, which is much more interesting: it is almost 5 thousand meters long and has many understudied cavities, caverns, hallways, and side paths.

He took me to the cave. İkigöz. I liked the idea that we could lose inside of one of its understudied hallways and have fun without anyone looking at us. Despite the fact it is usually closed for idle visitors and only open with an official guide, people-speleologists can go there bypassing the usually locked front entrance. The cave has many side entrances if you know where to find them. Of course, they are closed to general public and not ennobled for visits. But it makes them more fun!

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We entered. Sorry, not entered – crawled in. After the initial narrow path of 50 meters or so, we’ve seen a large hall that descended down. After another 100 meters of swaying and winding way in the soil’s crack, I’ve seen something that completely mesmerized me: it was a large hall, the end of which I couldn’t see. The flashlight only caught its part from the right and left but not from the front – it dissolved in the darkness without reaching anything. I never thought that our nature could have such an undiscovered and majestic beauty, which made me breathless from its huge scale.

My eskortlar Istanbul client spotlights me a place for making love: in several meters from us, it was relatively dry and flat clay to lie on. He took two blankets out of his backpack and put them on the ground.

“You can get undressed now,” he told and put two powerful flashlights close there. They illuminated the space, making it possible for us to see each other’s bodies and faces. The powerful light made me feel much more comfortable.

If you’ve ever had trips to caves, you must know that almost all of them (at least ones located on the European part of Earth) have a constant and yearly-stable temperature in about +11…+14 °C. So, it is comfortable at any time of the year. A little bit cold but only a little. The same it was comfortable now for me, naked Istanbul eskort Kizlar. My pussy already desired him, even before he finished undressing. I hugged him from the back to feel his warm male masculine body, pressing my gentle soft boobs to his spine. He smiled and kissed me, turning face to me and hugging me tight in return. The complete tranquility of this cavern only liquidly broke up with dashing droplets originating on its ceiling’s stalactites that sounded into our ears with uneven time periods. Our full nudity pretty soon started to seem to me as a logical continuation of everything around, as if we have gemmated from cave’s walls. That’s why I felt also so natural when he entered inside of my pussy, working his skin tool to please both of us. With my legs up high that encircled his trunk on the waist, feeling his sturdiness inside, I was thinking about millions of years of formation of this cave, imagining myself how its hanging down and standing up pillars formed. Some stalactites have already managed to connect with stalagmites, forming stalagnate – a single pillar. Just like we did. I heavily felt his body on me and inside. His breathing was toughened. The sounds of our love were tearing the silence apart, scattering it, killing it. Strangling it. My fingers jumped on his buttocks, helping and making his movements jerkier, filled with more power – and this help was very useful to him as he roared and, moving sharply up, started cumming inside. Inside of mine Istanbul eskort Kizlar pussy that completely embraced his hot cock, now erupting with billions of spermatozoids, sheathed with an ultra-thin ribbed condom. I looked up at the ceiling of the cave and suddenly felt as it is looking at us and I wasn’t sure whether the cave approves our actions inside of its bulged guts or not… That’s why I was glad to see the sun in the forest once again when we got out.