Adventures of two escort girls in a nightclub or incredible sex with a stranger after a meeting in the evening

I’ve decided to celebrate my Birthday at the club, so I called my friend Natalie. I thought to put on a brand new dress, which perfectly underlined my figure and was tight, all I needed it! Enough deep cut slightly bared my elastic chest.

We met with Natalie at the club and headed inside. Natalie looked stunning too, wearing a silk blouse and tight-fitting hips and ass skirt, and she looked like a model escort.

While we were chatting, a young man wanted to join us; he had more than insanely delicious smell of some fashionable men’s fragrance.

– Girls, aren’t you lesbians? – He asked suddenly, as if in jest, the man asked. We were already quite drunk, to go along in chorus.

Natalie started to kiss me gently on the lips without hesitation, it was so nice that I did not expect. I leaned forward and began to touch her breast with hand gently; we looked like models escort Istanbul, slender and curvy. We were not interrupted and continued to kiss, so man, not having received our attention, went away though he could stay to watch. We danced a little more, the views of men were sent to us we stroked each other on the dance floor as seductive escort girls from Istanbul, and then decided to continue at Natalie’s home.

In the apartment, she again began to kiss me. It was really incredibly exciting, and then her hand slipped down to my body and got me in a bra fingering embarking nipples. I lifted her dress with my second hand. Natalie climbed her fingers into my panties and began to pull at my swollen clit.

Growing tension was between the legs. I felt that my pussy started to flow. I stood up and took off blouse of Natalie. Her chest was right in front of my face, elastic and juicy. I started to touch it and to lick gently.

Moments later, Natalie pulled down my panties and dug into my pussy with lips. She began to lick it vigorously. She stuck two her fingers into my mouth, so I licked them and then put them in my vagina and began to move them back and forth slowly. She wriggled her whole body as a professional istanbul bayan and it excited me even more. A couple of minutes and I finished out loud with pleasure!

Natalie got up and sat on my face and now I licked her pussy hard. It smelled terribly exciting and the smell started to overwhelm me again. I felt the goose bumps on the inside of the thighs.

Natalie leaned forward and slowly started kissing my clit, going down until it reached my ass. She began softly and gently caress my anus started with her tongue to pass in and slowly opened it. Then she leaned down and pulled out something from under the couch…

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Then I felt like at the same time and in the anus and the vagina that it is firmly. In my eyes darkened of this feeling and I felt the growing excitement more and more strongly. It was a double dildo. It was bursting my ass and vagina, the feeling of fullness was indescribable. Suddenly rang the bell and Natalie ran to the door. There was the man from the bar. It turns out Natalie had time to put him a note with her address. Natalie began to unbutton his pants. His dick was already swollen and it had a very impressive size. Natalie began to lick it slowly. I could not stay aside and, crawling to the other side, began to lick it either.

It was obvious that he felt very good, as two beautiful bitches were twisting around him, sucking his cock.

We put a man on the bed. Natalie continued to suck, but I for some time watched how professionally as escort istanbul she was doing it, and then impatiently got off the bed and got on all fours.

He came at me sharply and rapidly and began to fuck me very quickly, literally pushing his dick inside me and it was divine pleasure so much that I began to cry. But I cried not for long, as my new girlfriend laid down in front of me and Natalie held up her pussy to my tongue.

The day ended with an incredible sexual adventure and probably it was the most memorable of my birthdays!