Istanbul escort woman tells about her transformation after the day job

It is not unusual to have two or more jobs in the modern world. But as far as I know, people try to compose them in a way to have similar jobs. But sometimes, there are exclusions: guys can be loaders or porters after they finish their day job where brains are required. I am one of such exclusions: after I finish my work as a worker in the office, I turn to Istanbul escorts lover. Expensive lover, I must tell – I serve only the best customers.

On my office position, I am a secretary to a top manager. You know how they choose girls on such positions: they have to be of exceptional beauty, use a lot of cosmetics, wear small and/or tight skirts or bodies to have all-time access to their buttocks to slap or to fuck if they’d find it appropriate, and she also must be fit and always in a good mood.

Actually, if to look deeper into the reasons why do they choose such secretaries, it becomes obvious that they want to have just another fuckable girl nearby them for a long time. So, if to consider this way, I am not too different from call girls who do it for money – I also receive a salary for that but definitely lesser than escort girls obtain. Financial question was a reason why I’ve decided to undertake it.

I became acquainted with the job not purposely: several months ago, I had to order ‘girls for fun’ for colleagues of my boss to organize their as if ‘work’ event on a private villa outside the city. From their price tags, I learned how much they received. I had a chance to talk to girls when they were in place, to find out how many orders per week they usually receive. When I combined these numbers together, the previous world no longer existed for me – they earned ten times more than me.

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One month later, I already have taken my first order – it was a wealthy elderly man from Jakarta who paid in dollars. We’ve spent an interesting night in his royal hotel room (where we used many sex toys and went through dressing and undressing of exciting costumes). During that night, I’ve learned some stuff about my body and some tricks of male anatomy and how these two can be interconnected 😉 Maybe I will tell you about this experience of Istanbul escorts maiden the next time.

Since then, I had had a meeting or sometimes several almost every night after my main work. Pretty expectedly, the money I had on hands from the second job, soon grew bigger than one I had from the first employment. I started to think about full-time shifting on the Istanbul VIP escorts position.

After one case, I want to tell you, I’ve declined an idea of leaving office work, as I needed the money coming to me no matter what. It was winter and winds blew right in my face. I rushed to a client. Right when I stepped over the threshold, I found out he was not alone – I had to serve at least five men of Caucasian appearance. They all somehow managed to have thick dicks that barely fitted my pussy. Some of them decided to penetrate my back hole and it was not ready to intake their peckers. I had to endure through their attempts of getting inside there until they saw it was no use and just fucked me in the pussy very hard. One after another, they were entering into pussy and mouth while I was on the rigid table. They were quite rude but it would be okay if they paid me – but no, they simply abandoned me in the premise and left – at that day, I had to earn nice money, remaining with nothing instead. Well, yeah, shit happens and the world isn’t perfect. Since then, I take money upfront.

Oh, yeah – and I couldn’t sit normally the next day after this harsh sex so I had to take several days off my duties on Istanbul VIP escorts service.

However, there is a higher power – after one month, I met a wonderful client: he took me on his private boat and we went to a cruise lasting 5 whole days – during this, I managed to earn as much as I would do for a month. It’s a pity I had to abandon the office routine eventually – my employer didn’t want to let me go on 5 days.