Ukrainian escort in Istanbul thinks on paper how creative escort industry is

Hello, everyone! This is not another sex story (though I will surely tell about sex here). These are my thoughts about how escort industry is the same unpredictably creative as many oeuvre-related industries. Well, to start with, let’s take a movie industry. Do you know how movies or clips are created? This is a total chaos and mess with millions of variables and ‘what ifs’. Let’s say you wanna create a new movie. Okay, then you act as the producer trying to make something – and thus you have to collect around you writers, director, executive producers who would finance it or a studio, then negotiate with actors, coordinate a thousand people on the shooting site if it actually happens… This is only what’s on the surface. The reality is much more complex and nervous. And how all this interaction occurs? Well, all participants are highly creative dudes – and they are gathered in many places, have occasional meetings with hundreds of people… Here comes an interesting part: to make it all happen, you must be highly socially interactive, visit all sorts of hangouts, chills, and parties, where this mass of people boil, get together, discuss various projects, and meet people with other people. This all is called “creative get-together.”

Now, about Ukrainian girls Istanbul: things are utmost like the described above. To find more clients (and money), Ukrainian girls Istanbul not only wait for another call from the operator of the service but also go at various parties and meet people there. Then we endure many changes during all the way down to sex itself (if it happens): whether a client wants it alone or with friends, how should I dress better for an occasion, what extremities or experiments he wants to try with me to test what feels and goes better. It is like, for instance, whether he wants it in the butt, in the vagina or mouth – or alternating holes is the better option. Then, the place can change in seconds – just like the plot of a film – he first had decided to make it in his apartment but while we were driving there, his desire rose so big that he made me right in the car (it can be compared to when people select to make a short movie instead of making a serial show). Or a Ukrainian escort in Istanbul pussycat is called to become a model of a photo session and when she comes, it turns out nothing is ready for this yet – and she simply fucks with several dudes in order not to waste their money (this can be compared to a short 5-minutes sketch story which was boiled down from an idea to make 40-minutes running series).

Ukrainian escort in Istanbul girl smiles lying in a chamber of artificial suntan

What I’m saying: escort changes. Constantly, as every industry. Even within one order, we can change the intentions, locations, poses, people, items, and emotions the same as a film shape-shifts before becoming a film that we see on our screens. If I am ordered as one of Ukrainian girls Istanbul to have sex in a hotel room, it does not mean at all that our meeting wouldn’t end on a luxurious yacht of some of his friends who were constantly joining our orgy until someone offered to have a small sea ride. Or if I am at a bachelor party of 16 people, everyone of which wants to fuck me, it does not mean that I wouldn’t find myself in a company of two lesbians licking their tongues in front of me in some gay nightclub where we went with the last guy from the company as he turned out super gay and only went to this bachelor party to have a chance to make it with ‘that handsome fella who ignores him for the last two months.’

Oh, are you interested in how the final piece of the story ended, with lesbians? I’ll tell ya’ll: I am standing in the bed inside of the private zone of this club (it is called ‘a fucking zone’) wearing fastened black dildo on my bare thighs under my attractive round buttocks and pecking the guy’s gay butt hole, while one of the lesbians is jerking his very hard boner (you can imagine the reason for its extreme hardness – my artificial friend inside of the guy) and the second lesbian is licking a pussy of the first. What’s interesting – we don’t know each other at all, we’ve all met within the last two or three hours. That’s how unpredictable the work in Ukrainian girls Istanbul agency can be and that’s how I feel about it: in a word, completely awesome. And that how films are made: when marketing team jerks off minds of viewers, the creative team pushes it harder to make a candy out of all bunch of sets, ideas, and decisions, while the body of a film is shaped in Sisyphus punishment (or Tantalus eternal punishment if you like) by actors who suffer their roles through.