Istanbul young adult escort is engaged in physical activity on a trekking route of Taurus Mountains

Hey, everyone! I’m Nata, 21, I work as Istanbul young adult escort of Istanbul escort service agency. This time, I’m telling you a story about my experience of hiking in the Taurus Mountains in Turkey. This is a huge location people drive by Jeeps as the territory is really wide and it’s impossible to hike with a backpack just like that. So you need to have a car.

I agreed to go with one client of service of Istanbul young adult escort for a 3-day trip. It was exciting, as I love to travel and discover new places and receive an exhilarating experience. We drove there for several hours. On the approach, I saw majestic rocky mountains and completely fell in love with their lofty greatness. When we drove further, I admired all those ravines and stone bridges between cliffs. I saw shipyards and shepherd houses here and there, they were neat and small. I saw flatlands that were under our feet when we were standing on an elevation. Those were either forest areas or meadows filled with yellow and violet flowers. Our first spot was under the waterfall, which was about 15 meters long and had a huge amount of small currents of water running down the greenery fringing its cliffy edges. The day was hot and we both decided to dive into the pond.

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In a couple of minutes, I already stood under streams of barely warm water feeling unity with nature. Birds were singing and cicadas were chirring in the grass but the strongest sound was the sound of the waterfall. I completely enjoyed all those feelings and felt the downfall of drops on my skin. To make feelings more thorough, I got undressed, only leaving my small pink panties of swimsuit on me. At this moment, I think I looked as Istanbul young adult escort, as I often look when I meet my clients in Istanbul’s encampment of ours. Muhammad, my date, approached and kissed me. His strong shoulders complemented the image of macho, which his black hair started. I liked his face from the start – his piercing look of black eyes made him similar to an eagle. In this kiss, he was sharp as this flying bird and I liked his hot energy, which extinguished a little by the falling water. He pressed me closer to his skin and I surrendered to his youth and passion. His strong fingers were roaming my back and the excitation grew bigger. Finally, in several minutes of this sweet prelude, he pulled my panties down and entered his erect sturdy fellow in me. I bent over and pulled against some rock to hold on while he was working on my pussy. His jerks were strong and I slipped from the rock a couple of times. But as I couldn’t find a dry rock, I grabbed on this one again. Then I felt as Muhammad is about to cum, turned to his dick and ended him with a hand. Whitish semen sank in the water.

…We were going forward our route. A couple of times, I saw places packed with people and we drove them by. Until he brought us to the meadow with an insanely breathtaking view. It was elevated and had a slope of about 10°. It descended for a couple of kilometers until the forest started on a horizon. With rocks here and there and flower meadows, the place looked stunning.

“I want to take pictures of you there, on this great background,” he told and started to look for his professional camera.

I wore my dotted lime-colored summer dress and a straw hat. The wind was playing with my hair and I enjoyed the day. I think I looked like an Istanbul young adult escort now. He chose the position of shooting and started taking pictures, telling me what to do generally: twist, sniff flowers, bite a blade of grass, bend down… Under his commands, I felt horny. I got excited under a look of a strong man. He told me to pull my dress up slowly, picturing the process. And I slowly did, exposing my nakedness under the outfit, starting from hairless pussy with a little protruding clitoris, to my 1nd-sized breasts, until I took it completely off. I posed him naked, wearing only a hat of straw. I remember the most erotic pose I had: on the knees standing on the ground, looking at the evening sun, which lit my eyes with two playful sparkles as I looked into the distance… It was a great trekking.