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He called them on the beach of his luxurious hotel of 5 stars – no wonder the beach comprised of perfect-looking white mild sand on which it was so delighting to lie down and walk. Girls were there right in time – after he had finished his light breakfast. Putting their stuff in his room, they came to the beach in swimming suits. He was delighted to have these marvelous Istanbul escort girls in his hands.

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Mike stood for a minute watching as girls dive into the water and playfully fool around in the warm liquid. After a second, he joined them. Water was just delightful – what is necessary for summer vacation. They were swimming and splashing water on one another. Girls were grabbing him on a fit body and he was also included in the fun: making them jump into the water off his shoulders, whirling them around the own axis in the water, and grabbing them on interesting places too. When they were lying on the surface of seawater, he has been looking at deep blue sky turning to the side from the scorching sun and enjoying a moment. Mike loved to spend time with Istanbul escort girls and he had never regretted that he did not have a regular girlfriend – he was young and not a cheapskate, he was not poor and loved to hang out with friends picking up girls to satisfy his sexual needs time to time. When he wanted to have more fun than a standard girl from the club could satisfy, he turned to Istanbul VIP escort girls. Just like this time.

“Hey, girls, it’s time to have more fun”, he shouted to girls when they all swam enough. Sun was rising and he didn’t want to burn up, too.

They headed his room, and he took shower first and then was watching as girls were taking shower together. He admired the view from the transparent door – it was a show exclusively for him. Girls from Istanbul VIP escort were actively using soap foam to pamper their pussies and boobs, as well as the other body parts and the shower cabin was spacious enough for them two.

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Mike was young and still full of powers and so he lay down and asked one of the girls to sit on his face, while another must sit on his dick. In such a position, he was able to feel two pussies at the same time with his most tangible places on the body.

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