Istanbul escort strapon woman tells the story of an unexpected encounter in the swimming pool

I love to swim. Some people who know me say that I’m like the amphibian – all I need is water. I try to spend as much time in the water as possible. During cold winters, when the sea is not an option (or I’m far from the natural water arteries), I use the swimming pool. James, the owner of one of them, has become my sex friend – I exchange sex with him 2 times a month for the right to swim in the pool after its closure, serving as his personal Istanbul partner. Usually from 9 PM to 1 AM. This time is perfectly suitable.

I use the backdoor to enter it. He made me a spare pair of keys. Exiting the hollow corridors of the 75-meter long pool destined for 200 people at once as max, I swim alone with the cap on my head, from three to four times a week. Not only this keeps me in the good shape but also I literally scoop the energy from water and feel it flows into my veins and internal organs.

I also do it naked. What the hell – nobody sees me. And nothing prevents the complete freedom of my limbs’ movements. During my swimming, I usually swim from 50 to 75 times of the length of the pool and then I just lay back on the water scooping from it with my invisible energy tentacles.

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Two days ago, I rose my head after the scooping and saw a man. He was just standing by the edge of the pool and staring at me. At first, I thought it was James but then I narrowed my eyes and realized – I didn’t know this man.

“Who are you? What are you doing here?” I shouted at him, afraid, trying to stand on my feet to hide my nakedness.

“Please don’t shout! I’ve been watching you for weeks, admiring your lithe body and gravitation to the water. And desiring you. I live in the building next to it and I saw you for the first time 2 months ago. Well, not you – some person in the pool after its closure – it was far and I couldn’t understand at first who was it. But then I bought a strong binocular to see the details from my 22nd floor and 600 meters away – and I saw you swimming. After two weeks, I knew your swimming time and was waiting for your arrival each evening. And every day while I was watching, I thanked the Lord that he made those tall wall windows at the right angle to see you from my floor and the distance. Otherwise, I wouldn’t see you from the solid walls and we wouldn’t meet”.

“You can’t be here, you must leave! How did you enter, after all?” I asked with a much lesser degree of fear, intrigued by the sparkle of interest.

“Today, you didn’t lock the backdoor behind you.” With these words, he stood up and took off his dark cloak. Under it, I saw a fresh body of a tall young man with press cubes on his belly. I looked at his torso, being stunned by its fabulousness. Then he took his pants off, unclothing everything underneath – naked skin without underwear. The half-erect cock was of about 20 cm in length and its thickness mesmerized me. I was devastated by his physical beauty. I only thought it was possible on pages of glossy magazines, not in the real life. At least, I never saw such physically perfect clients of Instagram Istanbul escort service, in which I work as the reliable Istanbul partner.

Seeing my confusion, he smiled in all his 32 perfect teeth and dived into the water naked. His diving was something unimaginable – with the grace of a dolphin, he did not make the water rumble with bubbles, only slightly closed after his body, as if the water embraced him.

He got his head out near me and, discarding his blond curly hair back, kissed me without further talking. I touched his muscled belly under the waterline just to make sure he is real, not my fantasy. He was real. Just like a truncheon of his dick that pressed to my pubis. I grabbed his head and started kissing him violently in the rush of emotions, fearing that he can dissolve in the air every second. I completely forgot about anything at that moment, specifically that I was an Instagram Istanbul escort girl. He was my best Istanbul partner now. I opened my legs into sides seeking for his erect rod to sit on and when I found, it was hot and cold at the same time – hot with blood and cold of surrounding water. The sex movements were clumsy in the water but when we figured out the best motions, I jumped on his dick holding my arms on his shoulders and he was holding the pool’s skirting to prevent flowing away.

I felt as water is entering me when he was exiting and with the next entering of his rocky cock, he has to push this water away. It was like pumping water to inflate me. So I got out of the pool and, leaning on the bench, revealed my bare wet ass to his rod to finish it – feeling his orgasm in five long sweet minutes…