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It all started in the spring when Anna came to the gym. She was charming, like the Russian escort girls Istanbul. At her 21, she surpassed all expectations of a guy like me, a gym instructor. At first, we talked with her, I instructed her how to perform exercises on the simulators properly, but we both wanted more of our sweet fellowship.

One evening, when we were closing, Anna, charming as all escort girls in Istanbul, came to the gym and said what a pity that we were closing, because she had a great desire to work, as there was nothing to do at home because her husband left for business trip, and she did not know what to do from idleness.

Anna offered to go to her house and continue our communication with her, since she had no one at home, and she was bored alone. I agreed. An hour later, the champagne made us drunk. During sweet communication, like those sweets that we ate, Anna complained of a pain in her back. Her figure was flexible and sexy, like of Russian escort girls Istanbul, so I assumed that she was experiencing pain in muscles because of yesterday’s activities. I, being a massage therapist, suggested making a relaxing massage. She agreed.

It’s unclear how, but in twenty minutes I was completely naked with her, on the big bed. Her body was fine, like of escort girls in Istanbul. My reaction was predictable. Our bodies waited for one thing only: penetration, deep connection. I wanted to enter her body and to feel how hot she was from the inside. She already clung to me all the way and was not ashamed of anything, was completely free in her actions. In her arms, I was like in paradise.

It was the peak of tension. Seconds separated us from a sweet stay in each other. In the sacrament of two wishing bodies: to unite, and to enjoy the process of penetration… She gently stroked my buttocks, passing over shoulders, digging her fingernails into my back. I even felt a slight pain. But she liked it, and I could not forbid her to do it.

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She hugged my back with her feet. She made it clear that she was completely ready for me to penetrate my cock into her damp pussy. She moaned, wriggling, hugging me. I sank down from her arms. I covered her pussy with my lips and Anna moaned even louder. Taking her legs in my sweet embrace, I opened them and started to lick her pussy with my lips and tongue, already so wet that I literally felt her juices and my excitement was becoming arousing even more.

With the pleasure that she experienced, instantly after I completely covered her pussy with my mouth, she began to groan sideways and breathe passionately. She pressed her hands to get my head closer to her pussy as if trying to get me to push the tongue deeper. I fucked her pussy with my tongue, licking and trying to give her maximum enjoyment, and my body literally throbbed with pleasure with her moans.

Less than ten minutes later, as in a passionate convulsion and shudders with her body, she began to cum. My head was completely dominated by her pussy and strong tender caring hands. She squeezed my head between her knees and I could feel her body writhing in an orgasm.

I could not stand it anymore and started rubbing my cock against the bed: just a few smooth jerks brought me to ecstasy, I was too excited, and Anna was still wriggling under me. From everything I saw and heard, I experienced a passionate, stormy orgasm. When she released me from her arms, I just lay down next to her, and she laid my hands on her chest: I stroked her beautiful body, slowly caressed her swollen nipples and firm breasts, she sometimes leaned over to kiss me and I licked her sensual lips with my tongue, while she was silently moaning into my mouth. We seemed to be in some sort of trance with pleasure, tired and satisfied.

After all, we fell asleep, huddled together.