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She woke up with anxiety and sweet feeling that something should happen, so worried a little. Istanbul VIP escort girl now faced a photo shoot. The street was known and it was easy to find the right house.

He opened the door. He smiled at her, holding the camera, apparently finishing the final touches in the room, where she was going to have a photoset. He wore a gray T-shirt and jeans, barefoot, slightly rumpled hair. The whole view of it as if were inviting to enter into the inside. She took a step, closed the door and found herself in his arms. He kissed her on the lips, very gently, glared at them with pleasure. His hand slid around her waist hugging her closer, step by step. He led her into the room, not leaving the kisses. She felt growing desire in the abdomen, the chest was heaving, nipples already become elastic. She would have to throw clothes standing in the beautiful underwear in front of him, which was even more exciting. Pulling his shirt, she took it off and threw on the sofa, pressing to his naked body. She felt like it was growing tension between the legs.

Lowering his hand on his groin, in one motion undid the belt, hand slipped into jeans, bypassing pants, put her on the throbbing barrier. All palm covered his hot cock, she was already wet with excitement… Her panties were wet as a VIP escort Istanbul girl’s. She wanted to take them off. As if reading her thoughts, he reached his hand under her dress, feeling the edge of panties, and pulled them down. Dropping to his knees, digging in her wet crotch with his tongue, he made her moan.

His tongue penetrated deeply, his lips were wet. A few movements of the tongue – and he felt like her insides ached and her hands pressed against his head more. She leaned forward with a moan, in trembling orgasm, wanting more and more. When he took his pants off, his thick cock appeared in front of her eyes that she wanted to lick immediately as Russian escorts Istanbul girl.

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He wanted to finish inside her and then continue to slow this sweet torture. Pulling her closer to him, he made her sit down on his cock. Going so deep, her crotch nicely shrank inside. It was wet and warm. She has already started to move her ass, sliding on his cock, and it was caressing her lips, touched the clitoris, pulling her to even more pleasure. The desire grew with each clock cycle. They both accelerated, bringing each other to orgasm at a furious pace, their moans mingled in one hand caressing his chest. Wet and passionate bodies were bowing stronger and stronger. He did what he wanted: was going to cum inside, she felt his desire, have worked all over, and she mostly wanted to finish along with him. Her body was beautiful, stiffened, feeling the approach of an orgasm; she looked more and more at his penis. He closed his eyes, passionately pressed her ass to him. It felt like something hot was spilled inside her body of one of the most beautiful Istanbul VIP girls. She was covered with the second wave of orgasm, everything ached inside. She moaned, falling on his chest, shuddering, moaning with pleasure. They both were under the veil of an orgasm. Juice flowed out from her pussy to his testicles and to legs. It was so nice to feel him inside.

– So, I promised you a photo shoot… – he said, but she just laughed.