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It was a time, when she, one of ladies in Istanbul wanted sex more than her client did. He was tall, brunette, with an angelic face and super-muscled body, undeniably strong hands, and he stayed in a luxurious hotel, in its most splendid and expensive room. She has never seen him before and, as it turned out later, he was not from around. Locking the door behind her, one of ladies in Istanbul stared at his magnificent body that was dressed in a white shirt made of top-class linen. She looked as if enchanted until he asked her if she wanted to refresh in his bathroom. Showing her where to go, he repeated his request that he already told during the order: she must dress sexy underwear, attach a ribbon with a knife on her leg and grease her skin a little with a spray that has body oil. It will make the image of this girl for sex services in Istanbul complete in his head.

After 10 or 15 minutes, she got out of the bathroom being fully in the image that he preferred her to have. Her 2nd-sized breast was firmly covered with a bra of black-and-white color. She wore the same panties and a knife on her leg in its upper part. The look was completed by high heels and a nice medallion on the slender neck. The plump half-opened lips were starving for passionate kisses, and the curly hair was brown and a little wet from the oily spray.

Starting doing a striptease, she opened herself to a guy lying on the king-size bed in the center of one of the number’s rooms. The music started and she supposed to wiggle and meandering in front of his sight. Sometimes, he did pictures of a girl on his phone, paying attention at specifically advantageous poses, asking her to freeze in the position, and she supposed to do it right away, immediately, to please him.

A girl from escort models Istanbul is wearing black-and-white checkered underwear

When a bra was off under the soft jazzy music, she exposed her neatly shaved pussy and crotch, slowly, as if teasing a guy. He did not mind to see her naked, eating his popcorn, as if watching a striptease on the video, not in real life. She was pleased to undress completely, leaving only the knife, and high heels on.

He invited her to the bed and she crawled there on her knees and hands doing it slowly and sexy – they had all night upfront, as he desired to order ф girl for sex services in Istanbul for such a long time.

Approaching him on this 4-meters long bed in the red-and-black bedclothes, she saw as he opened his bathrobe having nothing worn under it. She took his dick in her mouth, showing her neat hair, back, and a fabulous ass, tanned skin, which was hued even darker in the downed room light, staying between his legs.

His body was muscled and as if done artificially by a master of human bodies. Every bend was perfect, and a girl aroused even bigger staring at such perfection though she was pretty good-looking herself.

He told her to turn around at 180 degrees and started licking her fabulously smelling labia, penetrating with his tongue as deep as 5 or even 6 centimeters. He was wandering around her ass hole, and after he was turned on really hard, he took a girl’s thighs and downed them with her anus hole on his dick.

Penetration wasn’t that easy from the start, but then he took the greasing spray and sprinkled with it excessively well, even putting the nozzle inside of a girl’s ass, to make it greasy from inside. A girl was caressing her boobs in these moments when he did it all, to gain more horniness.

He reentered her, and this time the process was fast and wild. She did not really love doing it backward, but the super fancy guy and the hotness of her sexual state made her start finishing already after several pushes he did. Masturbating her clit with a free hand after, leaning bed with the other hand, she increased the number of her orgasms to several in a very short time. Following her, he finished inside of her bowel, spreading hot and strong semen’s flows on a girl for sex services in Istanbul.