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What is an adventure in my understanding? Well, I guess, it is when you do incredible things like you’ve never done before or which are non-ordinary for your everyday life. Like, as a wild example, jump in a plane and fly to a country you’ve never been before and don’t study any information about it prior to this. And when you get there, you just take a bus or a train in the city centre to walk in the unknown direction, exploring the city with no particular plan. Suddenly, you meet some backpackers and they lead you to their hostel, where you decide to stay for a week despite the fact it is situated in the middle of some Asian market seething daily and nightly under your windows. It’s hot, so cold water is rare in this area, and you got robbed in two days, but, fortunately, you left your passport and a bankcard in a hostel, so you can safely get home. But once you return to the hostel, you discover that it has burned down to the ground and now you are the passport-less and money-less person in some African country in the middle of malaria outbreak and there is no embassy of your native country in here. Finally, you somehow return home in 3 weeks, starving and frostbitten ‘cause you had to fly through Norway somehow waiting there for 34 hours for your plane in the cold transfer zone with a temporary ID with no money for food. That’s what I call an adventure!

Still, I completely understand that this may be too mind-blowing for the most of people, so when I am with my clients from Istanbul escort agency girls’ service, I never offer them to do anything that extreme. So, when Mustafa, my next client, asked me what would I want to do on this Christmas day, I offered him to rent a sleigh and take a ride around the city. He supported this idea very much. A few phone calls – and we started waiting for our sleigh.

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You know, it almost never snows here in Istanbul, so the upcoming sleigh is equipped with two rows of rubber wheels to move in lack-of-snow conditions. At least, that’s what was said on their site. As we waited, Mustafa took a big bottle of Jack Daniels and poured it into glasses. In half an hour, dizziness was not that easy anymore, so I started to show him improvised striptease under the same improvised music from the speakerphone – that’s what Istanbul escort agency girls are specifically keen in. And me too. My movements were completely ragged, I was swaying with a risk to fall but I was bursting with energy so he, being in the same state, was overly satisfied with my dance. Especially when I started shaking my naked ass to his sight. My relaxed buttocks were wavering in many small waves and I did something similar to perky twerk, in all sides – up/down, right/left, jumping on one place, getting closer to his face. In some moment, he grabbed my ass and started doing “blblblbl” sounds, getting his face inside my crotch (well, you know, as men do with female boobs, getting their face down there and moving fast from left to right as if burrowing inside them). We both found it hilarious.

Then someone rang the doorbell and I put only a bathrobe on my naked, heated, drunk body of a girl from New Year escort agency Istanbul.

No sleigh: we saw a brougham standing in the gates of his house. As it turned out, they had only one sleigh but it was broken and they gave us the replacement. We both were pretty drunk by that time and so we agreed on a brougham, why not. It still had a horse and the closeness of a carrier was even better – cause I wanted to fuck and he, I suppose, too. He paid a cabman for 3 hours upfront and we literally jumped into there, he only grabbed a fresh whiskey bottle and glasses.

Once in there, I took the robe off and remained naked from head to tiptoes. He took his pants off, and I landed on his dick right in five seconds. He uncorked a bottle and sipped big right from its neck while I was jumping on his inflated penis, as I like to do, being one of Istanbul escort agency girls. The exciting moment was that the brougham swayed and jumped much more than a regular car and that allowed me to shake on his penis (or is that his dick shook inside me?) – arousing stuff, you know. Especially when you are trying to balance on his skin flute in the lack of sobriety inside the moving wagon. Our sighs must have heard everyone who was close to us but I kind of even found it fun. As he didn’t have a condom, I allowed him to finish on my body. I get so high this day…

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