Schoolgirl dressed escort lady tells her pursuit experience

“In pursue of a bike, best guess, it is Yamaha, the registration number is …” I heard the words of the police officer he screamed on a portable radio to an operator. The police car with two officers was chasing us now for several miles already in this rural asphalt road in Turkey.

My Yamaha was fast but so the police car was too. I was flying ahead trying to lose them in about 130-150 km/hour. Hard to breathe in the helmet. My friend was on another bike a little bit back after me and we were doing this chase that the police forced us to do. Now we had no other chance but to lose them. I don’t want to go to jail.

It all started a half an hour ago – I came to a residence of a client of a schoolgirl dressed escort lady – I provide such services. He needed a partner to ride on his bike – and I mean a motorcycle when saying a bike now, not his dick. We came out on a street in his garage and I saw two racing Yamahas. I rode bikes before (that’s why he chose me from all other schoolgirl dressed escort ladies). When he started the bike and allowed me to sit on it, I felt at once the roaring power of this racing animal and got excited because of so many horsepowers between my legs.

We went outside the city on a dirt road that was a typical thing for rural Turkey. At first, we rode about 50-70 km/h on the asphalt enjoying the wind in ears, losing and overtaking each other. When we turned on a dirt road, no cars I saw and allowed myself to hit the throttle and increase my speed in this streamlined road. But it was not fun as the dirt did not give that feeling. I told Ali, my date, about it and we went back to the asphalt.

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120…130…150 km/h… Until I heard the siren of the police car and saw their flashing beacons after our bikes. Fuck. Fuck!! They were pursuing us! I didn’t think I can catch so much adrenaline at once.

“You are overspeeding; please stop your vehicle now.” The police used the loudspeaker.

I am a visitor of Turkey while I work in schoolgirl dressed escort lady service so I don’t want to go to jail. I geared my speed up to move on this highway on 150-170 km/h to lose them. I couldn’t see my partner on that speed. I was just hoping he isn’t falling behind me.

Finally, their speaker gradually faded back behind me. Adrenaline made my blood a bouillon of heated fear, worry, and sexual excitement mixed in one. I was really turned on because of this pursuit! Sexually turned on.

When I finally stopped hearing them, I turned right without knowing where I am and was doing right and left turns until I got into some small city and hid inside of its streets, spotting one cozy yard of some café, ordering herbal tea to relax from wild emotions I experienced.

In several minutes, I heard the sound of a motor of my friend and got on the street to show him where I was. When we meet, I started to kiss him, as I couldn’t hold back. I almost did not listen to his lamentations that I am a bad girl who overspeed and put both of us in danger. I also did not listen to him when he told me how da fuck he scared when the police started pursuing us – I just kept kissing him, taking his jacket off. He parked the bike and we entered the nearest guesthouse – to rent a room to pour out our passion, which personally I couldn’t hold back anymore.

Once in the room 5 minutes later, I took my jacket off, instantaneously turning back to schoolgirl dressed escort lady again. You would see me then – with pink skin from the heat of pursuit and adrenaline, short skirt with completely soaked wet green panties, high riding boots to the knee on a heel, and a demonic look of eyes, ready to tear his dress in pieces to access his body. At that moment, I really did not interest, was he as excited as me or not – I just wanted his erect cock to plough my pussy as a hard stick. I rushed to take off his trousers and almost thrown his underwear into a window, throwing it so impatiently away from me that they were some centimeters to fall down from a windowsill on the street. I turned my naked ass to him and asked: “Well? Fuck me hard.” So he did. He entered inside of me as a man deprived of water for several days who rushes to a fountain. He did it with one strong movement and I couldn’t hold on my feet and fell on the bed. He re-entered and started fucking me really hard – I felt the orgasm in two seconds but couldn’t tell him anything as I was grabbing bedclothes and screaming in a blanket while he did me. When I felt his jizz on my back, hitting me several times from his trunk, he lay on the bed nearby. This day was a hell of an adventure!