Escort Istanbul WhatsApp tells about her preferences in men

I gravitate to men that almost nobody else considers sexy: elderly men in the span between 40-45 and 60. Not too old to forget how to move and make sex when they are with girls but not too young to shoot several times per hour not letting me enjoy the process.

Let me tell you about reasons for such below.

I am a student. I was born in Istanbul but currently, I live and study in Zurich. It is needless to say that, as every student, I love to booze on wild parties, to buy some pretty dress or two and to have a 1-2-3-days short trip to elsewhere to discover new places. Of course, I need money for that. I don’t like to work in a boring pizzeria or like some meeter-greeter in the office. I am on scholarship to pay for education and my parents send me some money so I could buy the necessities like books and everything other I need to study. But I have too little money for entertainment left. However, I think it is too silly to miss an opportunity to live while you’re young. That is why I came up with a plan – I date with local elderly men for money. It is not like an escort Istanbul WhatsApp service, you know. They usually invite me to the restaurant and I eat nice food and drink nice wine. But when our evening is going to gradually move to the next, more intimate stage, I tell them that I am not prone to have sex on the first date. But if they really want that – I could reconsider my opinion. After that, I keep silence allowing each and every man to ponder, how would he want an evening to evolve.

That’s where I come to the point why I love them more:

  1. They have money. Unlike the teenagers who fuck like gods but are poor as church’s mice, men in elderly age are active businessmen and earn well. Each of them decides on this moment to give me a sum at his own discretion. Usually, it is lower than Escort WhatsApp +380991625006 girls receive as far as I can see on their site. But there are exclusions and I get paid even more sometimes – as I don’t ask anyone for a fixed price, giving me money, they demonstrate their wealth to me and to them again.
  2. Almost never our evenings end without a continuation – they are too frustrated to spend their time and money on our dinner without having anything in return that they agree to give me money just to feel themselves winners.
  3. When it comes to sex, they do it longer and our games may last the entire evening – as they are more mature and interested more in having gaming elements, undresses, nice talking than copulation and watching my genitals in close as all young boys do.

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I’m not sure if girls from Escort WhatsApp +380991625006 agency do the same. I really love long sex and prelude and when it is supported by a handy lover who knows what to do and can order a couple of bottles of expensive champagne in our room, I get excited even bigger. I am not a money seeker in a straightforward sense of these words, I am just a student who loves to live a little bit better than I am supposed to.

I remember once we were in our room already and I was drinking my glass of champagne while he was sitting squatting behind my buttocks and was licking my pussy and everything other. I was standing in this moment leaning on the windowsill looking at the dying red sun of the day and felt myself a little like escort Istanbul WhatsApp kitten. When he stopped licking my genitals, he entered inside of me and someone ranged at the door at this moment. We didn’t expect anyone, you know – and that is why we both turned on that doorbell. I told him I wasn’t expecting anyone, and he told me the same.

Eventually, after insistent calling, he quietly approached the door’s peephole & turned red instantaneously!

‘What?’ I asked him.

‘That’s my wife there,’ he replied.

I will never forget that moment – it is a good thing we were on the second floor – so, panicking, we’ve decided to jump off the balcony as there were only three meters high. He was running away to his car with a naked butt holding a bunch of his clothes in a hand and a key to start a car and get the hell out of there. Since then, I never order rooms in hotels higher than the first floor and always check for a back door.

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