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She was slowly getting undressed. Under the dimmed light inside the premise, it was pleasant enough to look at a girl’s refined body that was for now still dressed. Her dress was black netted lingerie that embraced the succulent forms of her breasts of the 3rd size and thighs of 120 cm in circumference. Her waist was slim, only 55 cm, and such luring contrast made Antuan, her client, to starve from desire to sex this maiden from an escort VIP chicks. But not before he enjoys fully with her body.

He did not want to touch her with own hands, though. That was one of his many oddities. To do that, he invited another girl from that agency, to make them play together, while he watches. This arousing game was more exciting and not boring as a standard sexual act, which he had many in his life.

There are two bottles on the table. They are both full. One of them is 0.33 coca-cola bottle and the second one is 0.5 beer bottle. Both are cleaned just now by the other one from girls. She is taking the smaller bottle and greases it well, as she does with pussy of the first girl. Antuan watches as the girl takes the doggy position and bends really low to adopt the bottle inside of her. He is watching as it gradually hides inside, bottleneck out. When there are only 2 centimeters left to the complete disappearance of it inside, he commands to stop and the second VIP escorts girl halts her action. She takes a bottle opener, opens a lid, and puts the glass under the bottle – to catch the refreshing beverage flowing out of the vagina of a girl. That excites a man-watcher.

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They drink at three, from three glasses. The soda was enough only for several sips before the bottle turned empty. A girl hosted now an empty bottle and the second one slowly took it out. After it, the first girl’s hole was big, so big as a silver dollar in diameter. Antuan was watching as this hole was slowly closing, and he forbade a girl to move anyhow during this pretty process – it was a state of art, as for him, to watch a neatly shaved and very beautifully shaped pussy that was slightly closing a second after a second.

The next bottle was a bottle of beer. Draft and dark, the beverage splashed inside a bottle. It’s surface also gets greased with body oil as the most effective remedy for that purpose. She starts to put it inside a first girl’s vagina. It goes much tougher as a girl isn’t used for such tension normally. The biggest toughness was at the beginning of a process – to shove it inside with the flat bottom as it has around 22 centimeters in circumference. The second love giver from girls starts to help her pussy open with the other items – fat pinkish dildo, which goes here and there in different directions to make a hole broader and not so sensitive.

In 5 minutes of playing with it, a girl re-started to play with a bottle. It moved little by little inside and the first stage of embracing the bottle’s bottom was accomplished in two minutes. A girl in whose vagina was item was moaning from pleasure and sadistic satisfaction of letting them do it with her body. There was no pain, it was only tightness.

A man watched as VIP escorts girl play and his cock that was swollen and released from pants already 15 minutes ago, was now pulsing with the greatest desire and each heartbeat echoed in his fleshy dick with another swaying up and down. He imagined as he fucks a girl in his ass while she is having that bottle still inside her vagina.

The other girl finished shoving it inside and a bottleneck was now only a little protruding from her watered pussy. The bottle was still corked and he decided right now how to finish this improbably great evening and told his thoughts to both girls.

Now, the finishing was as is: the second girl uncorked a bottle in a pose to prevent it from flowing. He was holding a tip with a finger to avoid flowing out and lay down on the bed. The girl with the bottle sat on his chest in a way to make him reach a bottleneck and drink from it. The second girl sat on the man’s legs and started masturbating him at his command. In that very same moment, he started drinking from the bottle. Two satisfactions at once intertwined to him and when he cummed, the second girl circled her wonderfully warm lips around his penis, squeezing it, to his almost unbearably strong satisfaction.