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She’s on the table. Sitting on top of it in my office. Office of a start-up’er. I am currently creating new software that will ease the process of planning people’s trips all over the world: imagine as you select the country or a city, and the online app will tell you what things or locations might be of your interest based on your social media preferences. I’m collecting all available information about you from all over the web and, processing it, offer you the list of what you might want to see/visit. And once you select from the list, the app will offer you the best route, time for travel, air tickets, and hotel/apartments accommodations. I hope one day, this will change the traveling experience.

As I am a person too and need to have quality rest from time to time from my tense work, today, I’ve chosen a girl from Ukrainian escort in Istanbul service. Her name is something airy, bright, and entangling – the name that makes me wanna have sex with her right here and now. I’ve already forgotten it but it sounded super sexy.

So here she is, sitting on my working table, spreading her legs. We are alone in the premise, and I have the door key. She’s showing me what’s between her legs. I see she is wearing transparent tights. There is nothing underneath the tights. No panties, nothing. Only me, her, tights, and her pussy that I see directly through the transparent elastic fiber of her tights of body color. She has especially selected tights that would not have that dense cloth in the center that covers pussy – and I know how hard it is to select those, as I am the lover of that element of women’s dress myself. Practically all of them have this dense site – so you have to specifically search for them, maybe for hours.

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Her pussy is completely shaved. So hairless it is that I think this Ukrainian escort in Istanbul girl must have done laser depilation to prevent hairs from growing. I love that. I take her hips into my palms and feel the marvelously sleeky nylon between our skins. I can spend long minutes waving my hands on her tights – as I am a fan of those. I find them extremely arousing. I think most part of men agrees with me.

I gently touch her pussy through tights. I can feel its hotness. It is soft and hot, it’s pulsing under my palm as if calling me. I slowly move a hand over it, going vertically and horizontally. It teases me. She teases too, spreading wider her slender legs in high heels made of green suede and touching her boobs. She is looking into my eyes as if calling me to possess her on this table or at least in a chair – my simple black office chair covered with cloth that has 5 rolling wheels under a single leg.

She is slowly turning her back to me so I can see the white halves of her seducing ass. I slowly take off tights from her buttocks, rising up the skirt and now her skin is completely revealed to my sight. I put buttocks of Ukrainian escort in Istanbul girl into sides and see the opening pussy and ass hole. Surprisingly, the butt hole is completely pale, not as it usually is. It shares the same color as the skin around it. I am very pleased, as I always wanted to meet a girl with this trait – and I already succulently imagine myself as I penetrate into this voluptuous depth. I stop taking her tights off, leaving them above the level of a knee and put a condom on my sturdy erect cock. My little friend has a bulged vein on the right side of it filled with cavernous blood. It pulses every second, vividly jumping up and down from the blood inflow. It has a lot of impatience to enter this alluring aim – this bull’s eye that is also often named a chocolate eye in the people’s folklore.

Ukrainian escort in Istanbul girl is asking me, what I am waiting for. She is patiently standing on the table. Blinks of the uprising morning sun reflect on the surface of her astounding ass. I can’t any longer enjoy this beauty only purely visually and fall headlong into whirling passion of my sexuality, piercing her pale hole with my spear. She pulls forward a little bit but then returns to me, plunging herself deeper onto my cock that is already firmly held by her anal tightness. It’s taken at all length. I put several my fingers into her flowing pussy and start my sharp motions of thighs to satisfy my greedy passion. I feel the blank shroud in front of my eyes that leaves only one desire – the satisfaction of my lustful desire…