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In the May holidays, Mary with her young man was invited to the country. They agreed and began to gather. Mary is a beautiful girl with a medium build, appetizing ass and breasts of second size. Her boyfriend was also of medium build. In other words, they were the average couple. Mary decided to put on a sundress, as it was hot. Mary was not wearing a bra, so it seemed to her that she looks more relaxed, moreover, it was not so hot in light dress without extra clothes. The girl liked to imagine herself sometimes as sexual Istanbul escort model…..

There were other guys on the meeting. It was Mary, Sam and their mutual friends. Together they lit a barbecue, cooked food and set the table. And then it went celebration. All drank a lot, joked, and was playing the guitar. And so on until late at night. When it was cold, all went into the house and continued there.
Mary and Sam were kissing passionately, without embarrassment, others looked at them and one of the guys said, “You should at least share, and don’t make the others jealous.” Sam, without thinking twice, said that he doesn’t bother sharing.

– Well, if you do not mind, then I do not mind too. – Not taking offense, Mary said, and moved to the sofa to the guys. She looked like a seductive woman from the escort service Istanbul. Sitting on the couch, she kissed another man on the lips. Sam did not say anything, just realized that something begins. They were kissing passionately, caressing each other with tongues, and the man has squeezed her boobs. Others, seeing that Sam did not mind began to join their game. Man have got Mary’s boobs from her sundress, he greedily hold them while another guest, with his hand raised the bottom of the sundress, stroking her thigh. Then he started to stroke her pubis under the lace panties, and the other sucked her swollen nipples. All quickly became excited, especially Sam. He had long wanted to see how his girlfriend would fuck with other guys. Everyone began to undress, except of Sam. He watched how men were stripping his girl. Mary liked it: in her eyes, it was obvious that she feels comfortable in the role of an escort girl Istanbul. Mary stood in the middle of the room, and the boys greedily squeezed her body. Two pinched her big tits, one kneaded pussy, thrusting fingers of him into the vagina; another fondled ass and massaged the anus. Their cocks were already in full readiness; Mary sat down and began to suck them in turn. She sucked their heads, licking the entire penis. Her tongue went from the scrotum to the tip of the head, and then she was again swallowing. The guys banged with their cocks in her face, and she caught them with her mouth and sucked again.

Mary was greatly excited by it all and began to hum with pleasure. Soon Mary was standing on the couch and asked Sam to grease her holes. Sam walked over to the couch and knelt. Mary’s crotch was in front of his face. Mary arched her back, lifted her hips, and opened Sam direct access to the hole. He began to lick her wet pussy, thrusting his tongue into the vagina. Mary was strongly excited, and her pussy juice flowed wonderful. Then he switched on the ass. Pushing her buttocks, he plunged his tongue into her narrow hole as deep as possible and began to lick it from within, developing the anus. When he finished oral sex, Sam sat back down to watch, so it was all clearly visible. Mary began to whisper how she wanted to be fucked. Her voice was quiet, but very fulfilling, it was impossible to believe that she is not a professional escort Istanbul. A man came up to Mary from the back and, pulled his Willie in her wet pussy, drove it for the most testicles. Her labia with pleasant warmth wrapped around his cock. Inside, she was warm and humid. He began to peck Mary, pulling her pussy on his dick, and she moaned. But she moaned briefly, another man came closer, thrusting his penis into her mouth, and now Mary was only mumbling in pleasure. Mary was sucking dick, and each push of the men’s cock in her mouth was so hard that she sometimes couldn’t breathe. Her breasts swayed from side to side in time with the shock. Others waited in line and watched for a while, as well as Sam.

Sometimes Mary looked at Sam, and he told her in the eye, and it takes them even further. Soon, the man groaned, his cock began to throb, and Mary felt her vagina filled with hot cum. Once it was the heat spread inside Mary, she had finished. She was covered with a strong orgasm, and she moaned. Another man pulled the first portion of sperm in her mouth that Mary swallowed at once, and the rest he poured on her face. Sperm was tart and sticky, it is a pleasure enveloped her tongue and ate dripping from his face in large drops. Once he cleared the place, became the third man to get a job to her ass, leading him on the head with the tip. Mary continued to suck with relish another cock, and he has already started to enter his penis into her narrow hole. The cock was gradually sinking into the narrow thing, pulling it towards. Mary liked it, she again became excited and her hole was completely relaxed. The dick abruptly entered her warm buttocks and anus nice squeezed. Mary began to moan again. He stepped up the pace. His cock was almost completely out of the holes and blew again, bringing great pleasure. Man was holding Mary’s hair; skewer her mouth on his penis. He finished quickly by filling it with hot sperm.

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But soon Sam came and pulled his dick into her body again. Now Mary’s mouth was busy sucking her loved one’s dick while he continued working with her tongue. When Sam had the end, he put his dick in her mouth much deeper. Sperm began to splash on her tongue, filling her mouth. It was very hot and dense, and its taste was pleasant. She swallowed the sperm and felt like it went for her throat to the stomach. It was a pleasant sensation. When Sam pulled out a cock from the mouth of Mary, one of the men still continued licking with his tongue the pussy of a girl, plunging his tongue deeper. He caressed the girl’s pussy until she finished.

Mary lay on her back, legs wide apart, splattered with sperm, and breathed heavily. She wanted to continue, because she got used to the role of an escort lady Istanbul, but they decided to finish for today, and went to smoke.

They have a few drinks and talked. They both told that each of them had long dreamed of such a try, but did not know how to say about it. And what happened today was terribly pleasant, and they look forward to continuing.