New Year is when your every dream may be realized

I, escort Istanbul maiden, was traveling from Turkey, Istanbul city, to marvelous Spain. With my client – he was flying to the corrida, and I was invited to make him a company for 4 whole days.

If you would be so kind, I’ll skip the part with receiving tickets, flying to Spain on our plain at night, and getting to our hotel room.

I’ll start with what has caused the biggest interest of mine: the corrida. I never especially paid attention to corrida: I thought it is some kind of fight with the bull when the latter is being killed, and only in rare cases, toreador gets injured by the bull. All my sympathies were always on the side of a bull – he gets killed for nothing and the crowd simply is looking at it, raging.

So when he dragged me the next morning on the corrida – I didn’t mind but didn’t hail it too.

The arena was round and had many people. Still, lesser than half of all places were taken, when the ‘action’ started.

There comes a bull. The first round of the action was getting him bulled by toreador. Then a picador enters to rage the bull – the guy on top of a horse. Then, during the final round (I was told it was the fourth stage), the bull is bullied by toreador and gets killed, as toreador intersperses him with his curved sword.

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In theory, it sounds boring. At least for me, escort Istanbul woman. In practice, it was fucking awesome! I discovered in myself what I haven’t seen all these years – bloodthirst. I was sitting in the row #2 from the stage and I’ve seen the killing of an animal in all non-glamorous patterns: when he was bullied with sharp ends of spears, he spilled blood. When he was killed time after time with the sword, he also spilled blood. Pretty soon, during this 1.5-hours action, two bulls were colored with own blood. It was falling with succulent big drops on the sand of arena, leaving the scattered blood trail after a raged bull. Though his rage seemed to fade with every minute and every drop of blood coming out of his veins and arteries. I don’t know why but this image seen alive on Christmas Eve made me so excited sexually that I’ve never felt before – the upcoming killing of an animal somehow made me horny beyond all limits.

I couldn’t wait until we get back to our hotel room, so I was touching my partner’s crotch very unambiguously, hinting him on the soonest sex. In 15 minutes, we were already waiting for our cab outside corrida arena.

Already in a taxi, I, escort Istanbul girl, started kissing him and touching his dick. I penetrated with my tongue inside of his oral cavity as deep as I could. His dick was out soon and I was masturbating it, having the unspeakable desire to fuck him right here and now, desiring him to enter into me with mighty jerks.

Some Euros are dropped to a driver; we are rushing upstairs to unveil our sexual needs in all their splendor. I am taking his shirt off, unzipping pants, and we are entering our room having him half-nude, and me, escort Istanbul girl, with completely wet panties.

I take them off, I take everything off, standing in front of him completely unveiled. I grab his dick and put it into my mouth, masturbating my clitoris at the same time. I can’t wait until he enters inside of me, so I’m pushing him on the bed and sit atop of him with great impatience, starting to jump – finally, I got that overwhelming feeling of entering inside of me. I’m thinking about the assassinated bull, I can’t stop seeing the river of the shed blood, I am jumping harder on his skin flute. Then I am turning back and asking him to enter me very hard, with all his power. And he does, with a lot of strength, simply hammering it inside of my watered vagina that only wants to feel it harder as never before. I’m asking him to do it hard, harder, even more harder. Finally, he drives his dick inside of me as if wants to really hurt me – he can’t, I desire it with all my fibers. The arousal comes to the climax, I’m losing my mind – and the big bright blast fires in my head – I am getting a fucking great orgasm, I can spill it over, I wanna scream as a wild cow, I am higher than the stars. I’m done. Escort Istanbul service – you’ve never seen so horny chick up to now.