VIP escort Istanbul does what she knows the most: escorts a dude while he’s making business

Russian escort Istanbul girls are often asked to be become simply a good face nearby the businessman who wants to impress his business partners. Or to rest between the meetings.

For instance, when you are a businessman and have a day filled with several important meetings, you actually got tired. And at this time, it comes the handy help of a pretty girl who wishes to relieve your stress and throw tiredness away.

Melony from Russian escort Istanbul model agency was glad to be helpful during the entire day for a businessman named Richard. Dick, if shortly. Quite a touchy name if you are unaware.

At 10 AM, she was picked up by a black limo that supposed to drive her all day between the locations of meetings of this guy.

Between the two first meetings, they guy was infuriated – it seems like he didn’t manage to agree on something important with ‘those dickheads’ as far as Melony understood from the conversation on the phone. She offered her help to relieve his fury and he agreed but asked to make it ASAP – the next stop was expected in 5 minutes. She managed to complete the process in 4. Exiting the street, he zipped his fly and was much happier. At least, visually. And she had a full mouth of his sticky sperm that she was off the water-wagon with the champagne, 3 glasses in a row. And used fourth to thoroughly rinse her mouth.

The second meeting was a success. It was seen on his pleased face. Again, he asked Istanbul Russian escort to please him, only making it slow now – he wanted to feel more facets of an oral pleasure. So this time, it took her 20 whole minutes. She loved sucking balls and playing with them during the blowjob. That’s what she did: she altered swallowing the penis with mouth and making it with hand (handjob (though in this alteration, it was a part of the blowjob process actually)). When she did it with her mouth, she tickled his pee opening with her elastic tongue making him pleased from the touch and the process, while squeezing lightly his balls, keep tugging them in her small palm. When she put a hand on his trunk, he did the same with his balls with a mouth: lips, tongue, and teeth. Might she be not so great in a BJ service, but in 15 minutes, the client was completely blessed from the actions of Istanbul Russian escort pussycat. So, she must have known something, how to make good stuff.

VIP escort girl is walking down the square being absolutely greatly groomed wearing no underwear under the red exciting expensive summer dress leaving some building

When they arrived at a client’s third meeting, he was completely rested and ready for it.

…Three hours of negotiations were coming to an end but still, it was no sign of him. Melony from Istanbul VIP escorts was finishing the second bottle of champagne and was going to start the third (and the last from the present ones in the limo) when he sat in. Dissatisfied. He told Melony that negotiations ended with nothing and they will have to re-negotiate again in a week. And that now he definitely needs rest and the use of her playful tongue.

Melony from Istanbul VIP escorts offered him the better option: they will grab some wine, uncork it in their room in a hotel or a private residence of a man, and when they stay in two, she fully strips, and they’ll engage into something more vivid and powerful. The man adopted her proposition and pretty soon, in 45 minutes, they were already in a royal-class hotel room with caviar and champagne brought by the room service.

She was flaming with passion moving under him standing in the doggy position. He was hammering her as if being afraid that tomorrow never comes. Grabbed her thighs tight and pressed them with hands to his crotch each time he made his jerk. The boobs of a girl were rushing back and forth and seemed like he wasn’t having enough still, even after their half-an-hour marathon. Finally, with the last jerk, he spewed his semen into her vagina shielded with a condom, and she felt this shot as something powerful inside. Completely tired, they fell on the bed to rest…

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