Eskortlar Istanbul female surprises you and can make you laugh

We’ve decided to ask our Istanbul Ukrainen escort girls about what they can tell about the worst or funny sex-related cases they ever had in life. From hundreds of complaints and memories, we’ve picked only the best ones to reveal to you (without exhibiting real names, of course). Have fun reading!

Anjelica, 22: “I was ordered to become a ‘cake girl’ – well, you know, when a girl jumps out of the birthday cake to everyone’s amusement. The location was distant – it was on a farm, 30 kilometers from the city. The real farm, with pigs and cows. And corresponding smells. But that’s not the point. They showed me the cake & told to get undressed. We agreed on words that’ll trigger my coming out & once I heard them in a hall – I jumped off. But I did it so invigorated that I swayed, couldn’t hold the balance & slipped on the platform to fall down my body on the entire cake. It was ruined. I cried for the rest of the evening and everyone from 50 people was angry. Though my naked boobs imprinted on one of its sides and then somebody even bought this piece from a host for decent money.”

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Marianna, 24: “That was before I started as an Istanbul partner. I had a fiancée Oleg and we were about to marry. I had a business meeting in a hotel’s lobby. In the middle of my presentation, I saw as Oleg entered the lobby and came to the front desk registrar. I was busy and couldn’t come to him to ask, what is he doing here. When I finished a meeting, I came to the desk and asked about him, saying I’m his wife – the bellboy couldn’t tell me the room so I bribed him to open the door. We went there together and when he opened it, I came in & saw as he is fucking some woman. I broke up with him, and 3 months later landed as Istanbul partner out of rampage. And I needed money, as I was living in his house by the time.”

Lilia, 26: “I woke up from being fucked. I felt dicks in my mouth and vagina although I surely didn’t remember how I started this process. It turned out I fell asleep at a party to where I was called as an Istanbul Ukrainen escort entertainer and two guys had decided to make use of me while I was sleeping. Technically, they could as I was invited to cheer guests but they could ask me at least. In the sleepy state, I started fighting & cracked one guy’s nose. I said I’m sorry but he wanted to sue me (he didn’t).”

Janet, 22: “I almost got suffocated when one client of mine finished in my throat, flushing it abundantly with his sperm. Something didn’t work out well and I started to inhale air when he cummed and these two processes merged together – so his cumming happened to come into my respiratory tract. I started to cough violently & the spews of his semen flown off in the air all over the place like a small fountain from my throat, hitting him & his face in particular. He was swearing about it so much. I had never seen him again.”

Atlanta, 21: “It was on vacation – he took me to the Mediterranean Sea on Crete Island. He wanted to have sex in a public place and we’ve found the right location after several rounds of searches. It was inside of one of the old temples in a Gothic style. It had several cabins for confessions and we took one, supposing it is free. We started to make love – he sat on a bench, I sat on him, moving my thongs away, the penetration was fast. We tried to make it without a sound, only the sounds of our moving bodies and a little squeaking bench were our humble satellites. But then I started feeling something… I can’t explain truly – call it a hunch. I looked up and saw as our cubicle didn’t have the top, the temple had a few more tiers – and the second was above our heads, a little bit in the side & it had liners marking the edge of the tier. Close to these liners, it was a bunch of people standing and staring down at us – they can perfectly see us from above. I told my partner that we have to immediately get out and told why. We rushed to get dress and in that second, we heard a coughing on the right as if someone was cleaning his throat – like a warning cough. I saw as the priest is sitting on the right side of the cubicle – like that person wanting to hear a confession from us but who seen the very different picture instead. I wasn’t sure for how long he was there – maybe from the very start, as we didn’t pay attention to what’s going on around when started making sex. We got dressed up quickly, very quickly, and left the building. Then we ran for a couple of blocks of the city away from it. Landing in some café, we started laughing about the situation.”

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