Istanbul Agency girls on an interview to become a secretary of a solid firm

This story has been before Alla, one of Istanbul agency girls became now employed in her current position. In a time of the story, Alla was the 19-years-old girl with blond curly hair. She had it all as she has now from the body parameters: firm breasts of the 3rd size; eager look with an expressed desire to make various stuff in sex when she wanted to entertain herself; curvaceous body 96-54-98 that was very intriguing for people around her, especially men; very tight and sporty ass – she loved physical exercises and not always, they were ones in the gym, sometimes passionate sex replaced them. The height of that beauty was over 170 cm and with such parameters, she was a desirable piece for many lustful men. She was aware that the way she looked may turn out very beneficial several or more times in her life – she has done so when she needed something and people just gave it to her because of her beauty, expecting a little in return.

Alla, now working as one of Istanbul agency girls and earning a lot of money thanks to her profession that she loved, seems like, more than ever in life now, in 19 was just a graduate looking for her first serious job.

Driven by this thirst to move out from her parents’ house thanks to a job, she was now sitting in a queue of 5 people, in the waiting room of a firm, one of many local ones in Bursa city. She really wanted to have a job here and so she carefully studied everything that was on public domain about her future employer, just to be informed and up-to-date, to win from the other contestants.

Her interlocutor was Mitch Pyleggin, a senior HR manager of this firm. She was the last in the line, and so her meeting started when actually people around started to gather to go home, in 17.45.

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She was breathing uneasy and was smoothing her dress from worrying while HR was reading her CV. It was nothing to read, in fact, – a college student with an average score that wanted to have a job – and so her ‘Experience’ field was empty for now. He finished reading and put her CV aside, staring at her from above the reading glasses.

She started to get sweat from this direct look, when he finally exhaled, “Tell me about yourself, honey.” She gathered her entire courage and started talking about her college, hobbies, and how badly she wanted to have this job. At the end, he asked why exactly she must be employed and she has lost her courage, not knowing what to reply. Mitch started to gather his papers with an intention to leave, so she asked him if an interview is over, which he replied, “Yes.”

At that time, she got scared that she wouldn’t be hired and, going on instincts, stood up to him and unzipped his pants. “What are you doing, young lady?”, he asked and she replied that really needed that job and was going to convince him now to take her in.

He wanted to rise up but she stopped him with a hand, pushing back to a chair and took his cock out of his underpants. Started to arouse it, having a strong feeling as if she was now an escort agency girl. Then took it in the mouth, starting doing classical blowjob to please this HR man. He closed his eyes, starting to get high from the feelings, even put a hand on her head and started to move it in the required direction. It was exciting for him and a scream of despair for her, as she had never done this impulse sex before.

“Now, my little escort agency girl”, he told, “get ready to take it inside.” He made her stand up and put her on a table, lowered her tights and pants, greased her anus with saliva and entered in her butt hole. It was interesting and inconvenient for her at once, but as the tempo increase, she got used, aroused from having classical sex and anal sex without protection, as if it was a sort of strapon game. He finished in a minute or two, perfusing her intestines with own semen. Breathing heavily, he reassured a girl that now she is definitely hired and tomorrow’s gonna be her first working day…