Istanbul Rus escort girl wears some interesting clothes to excite her partner

I am not an Istanbul Rus escort woman anymore, for almost ten years now. But I went there in order to not only earn some money but also tame my sexual passion that I had on an increased level. That is why I have the desire to have sex more than once a week as most women of my age feel and need. And to do that, I use various tricks and helpers. For instance, these can be sexual games, dressing up in something exciting, using lubricants of all kinds, and making it in interesting places. My husband tries to keep up with all my whims about it as he tries to make our marriage running – and yes, he knows I worked as a VIP escort Istanbul woman and he even fantasizes about that.

Lubricants are my favorite thing. All types of cooking oils do for that: linseed, corn, maize, pumpkin, sunflower, mustard, and so on – literally any, even cow butter. Then go all creams: for the body, face, nightly, daily… And, of course, the special lubricants that are sold in the sex stores and drugstores: with heating and cooling, smelly and pale, and with so many additional variations. That’s why I love the grease – when you want to intensify AND simplify your sexual life, lubricants are of great help.

But today, I’ve decided to feel myself much more in the image of a VIP escort Istanbul girl – and that is why I took my 15-years old daughter’s school dress and put it on. It is needless to say that she is in school right now and supposes to return only after 5 or 6 hours so we had plenty of time. The outfit was very tight for me, so tight that underlined my breasts much further, making them visually look much more advantageous, to become at least 3rd full size instead of my usual second. The length of it was small too – it barely covered my buttocks and pubis (but on my daughter it seemed nice and modest, only 10 cm above the knee – sexy, yes, but still, modest). As for me, it was not too modest at all, as the naturally bigger circumference of my bum and hips made it look seducing and more than tempting. Yes, I looked now definitely as one of the college girls if not to dig in the nuances. Or rather one of the escort Istanbul girls who really wants to seduce her client.

Istanbul Rus VIP escort woman of no more than 25 years old lets us see her charming body with no less charming face of tempered seductress standing close to the bed in her house

My husband was working in his cabinet when I entered, so sexy and desiring sex with him. He saw me and understood everything from the first sight. We closed up our big windows and I sat on top of him. This gesture made my skirt go vividly up, unearthing my intimate places to his sight.

He squeezed my buttocks with both hands and kissed my nipples through the matter. Then, he slowly unbuttoned all 5 buttons exposing my white breasts and started kissing them already having no obstacles in reaching my flesh.

I sat on his cock after I took it out of the pants and as he continued kissing me, I was going up and down on his pecker.

What my husband didn’t know – I gave him a pill of Viagra before we started. How didn’t he notice it? Because he drank it crushed together with a milkshake, I prepared for him half an hour ago. That’s why he didn’t refuse to have sex a short time after the beginning – and he even stood up and bent me in the doggy pose, penetrated nicely and hard and started to fuck me fervently, with visibly more zeal than he usually has. I felt all on fire from his energy and thanked producers of this remedy for this little chemical miracle. My thirst for sex was now satisfied until the next time and I was able to recall the sensations of good fucking I experienced when I was one of the escort Istanbul model agency service.

But he didn’t want to stop, despite the fact that I received my portion of pleasure. He was gradually hammering my hole, slapping with his legs on my thighs. I started to experience another wave of buzz and when I cummed once again, he still didn’t want to stop his methodic process. I was frankly surprised.

I offered to suck him to make his orgasm approach faster and he agreed. I put him in the chair and covered his dick with my lips. Using my mouth a little, I used hands, and shove a finger inside his butthole – I knew he loves it. Just a matter of seconds – and his semen sprinkles all over, goes on my attire and the chair, and even on my face. Well, I wanted to wash these clothes all the same…

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