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In the hotel room 2505, which I especially liked (but I won’t name the hotel in this text, of course), was my ‘sex office’, in which I was working as one of escort Istanbul English girls. I selected it for the fact it had everything I needed: lots of light 24/7, which can be made up and down gradually; big and beautiful bath with absolutely gorgeously smelling towels, king size bed, two big windows, and a balcony to sit on, smoke and drink, and ponder about life looking at breathtaking panorama of a city at night or a day, looking down on it from the 12th floor.

When I, escort Istanbul English girl, was ordered in-house, I used to tell clients this location with all details and they come to my haven of nice mood, great sex, and aroma candles/sticks. When I take a client, even if it is my regular, he enters to the different smell and soft music that I put on the background. I love to change ambiance.

This client, Habib, was one of the regulars. He often wanted to try something different and came to me with one or two fresh ideas to implement. We’ve tried much stuff with him already: dressing ups, bandages, candles (both as toys to insert them inside of him and me and as a source of wax droplets), put all kinds of grease on our bodies (vegetable oils, artificial oils, butters, spreads, lotions, creams, shampoo, Vaseline, soap, and more), wrapped ourselves in different films, used lashes and mask of the entire head, and did many other stuff. I know him for over 2 years and each our time was something different.

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He came to me, his VIP escort Istanbul woman, now with two exciting ideas:

1) Use strapon for him – I should fuck him in the ass with a dildo and masturbate him at the same time with a hand.

2) He would wear this dildo then to enter my ass and vagina at the same time, holding my boobs with his hands during the process.

I really loved both ideas and wanted to feel everything in both roles. In addition, as one of VIP escort Istanbul maidens, I did not have a habit to reject my clients. First, I wore the strapon. It was a rubber-made black cock of about 20 cm long, centered to be positioned slightly over my vulva’s entrance and the laces needed to fix it on my thighs. When I put it on, he was already standing on the bed in a doggy pose with his cock sturdy erect. I took some baby oil and put it on the dildo before entering his ass. He did not have hair around the anus as if he has specifically prepared himself for this penetration. I started entering his buttock slowly, pointing this cold thing in my palm. When I was in, I began gradual motions of it inside of a man and grabbed his cock with a hand. It was very hot and he welcomed this decision by helping me start jerking him off. Pretty soon, I figured out how to move dildo and my hand at the same pace at the same time and gave him a nice orgasm. He flushed his semen on my satin bedclothes of deep red color. Some part of his sperm remained on my fingers.

Two cigarettes and one glass of wine later, consumed on the balcony with refreshing air, we’ve changed – he wore the dildo and I stood as a doggy on the bed, giving my VIP escort Istanbul ass to his sight and full disposal. He poured the same oil on the rubber cock and injected some amount of it into my anus hole right from the bottle. The artificial dick was now entering my ass and the blood-and-flesh dick was entering my pussy. The feeling of double penetration with the same speed was something new for me. When he adjusted himself to do it, he grabbed my boobs with both hands, lying down with his weight on my back, and tried to move. As it was not too comfortable, he eventually gave up holding my tits and simply fucked me into both holes at the same time. When he was about to finish once again, he sharply exited and did it on my naked back, slapping several times his artificial friend on my skin during this time. When he fell off on his back and lit another cigarette, the tranquility filled all of me. It was definitely good sex.