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I put a collar around her neck. The made-for-human collar for the neck has a ring on its backside to connect it with a leash. It is made of brown leather and it holds her neck tight. I look into her eyes – she has that look as if a wild animal, only she is not roaring. Yet. A wildly attractive eskort Whatsap girl who loves to make it harder.

I put on the leash and pull it without any warning. The girl’s head goes back and she makes grin on lips opening her pretty teeth. I love seeing, as she hates me. My adrenaline rushes veins more from such a mixture: obedience encapsulated into sexual passion and wild hate. This fucking really turns me on. I want to slap this girl. And I do it – I put my hands on her white ass, giving power to my movements. Her flesh shakes under my slaps, and it gives more excitement to my desire to fuck this Eskort Whatsap girl violently.

I wind the lash on my hand and I put her really close to my dick so she can smell it, to smell what a man smells like. Then I put her on the carpet and push her legs aside. Legs have black lacy stockings worn; they very much contrast with her skin so white that even a vampire might envy it. Stockings shape her legs, making them look smoother. Nothing more she wears but stockings. I, god, I fucking want this escort chick.

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Her cunt is shaved and it is swollen now – I think that this bitch wants me. She pulls one buttock in the side to make it easier for me to enter her. And I do. She isn’t greased enough, so I spew on my palm and put saliva into her hole to grease it. Here we go – now I do enter her. Not wanting her cunt to become wider, I start fucking her very actively from the start, hammering this white escort hole with my 20-centimeter dick. I am proud of its length, you know, so fucking proud.

With each next entering, I put more strength into the process and very soon, I literally drawing the girl into the floor with my onslaught. She exhales moans of arousal and so I see she feels good. Oh, yes, my Irish blood requires the application of sexual pressure on this fancy ass. Then, when I feel my powers are fading, I raise her up, pulling the collar, and so she rises. I put her on the bed and make her stand as a doggy. The shape of her legs in the stocking highlights her bare butt completely open to my powers of a white governor of pussies! I grab her fat on the right and left buttocks and maximally put them aside to open the hole for me. When there is no more room to pull apart, I enter her within one strong jerk. I feel my dick changes the angle and when I fuck her, it goes down, rubbing its head on the front side of her pussy. That excites me, and so I push her butt even more up, making her spine lay down to sharpen the angle even more. I like the tension that arises in this copulation and when I feel I am cumming, I pull the leash and make her suck me to swallow the jizz. When it is in her mouth, I continue making movements, fucking her in teeth, yeah, bitch, suck it – that’s not a popsicle to you, it’s a sturdy man cock.

She licks it and swallows. I am making her sure to show me that she had swallowed it all – and I left satisfied. As I, as an Irish, must teach all that bitches to respect a man. And they must obey, motherfuckers. So I put my dick under water in a sink to wash it down fast to make sperm-less. Then I grab a beer and lay on the bed. The beer is opened, I like Guinness, you know. And the chick is sitting on the bed, looking at her master – me. Waiting for my commands. Well, honey – go suck my dick while I’m having a beer. I know you love it. I spread my legs and tell her to pay attention not only to the rod itself but also to the balls. I see with satisfaction as the skin flute disappears in her mouth and feel both her hands on my balls. Then she squeezes them but not too tight, as if squeezing the sperm out of them, continuing sucking. She stands her ass high, so I can slap her on it, watching on a TV as the Republic of Ireland national football team loses again to those motherfuckers from the USA. Séamus Coleman, the defender, is not in the best shape again and Robbie Brady, midfielder, fucks up too. I think I would change it – making this girl run there on the field and putting Brady here on my dick to suck it. Ohh, yeah, I cummed again. Now fuck off, I’m watching football – here is your money, get lost.

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