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His dick was long and heavy; I felt its every entrance into me vividly as if someone was shoving a thick stick inside my vagina. When he exited, he left a hole in the middle of it, I felt it. When he got in, he stretched me once again. He turned me on the back and I was facing him now. When he entered, I saw as my belly rises up and, leaving my inner part, he emptied the belly. It seemed to me like a huge snake, a boa of 10 cm in diameter with the lucidly shaped head. His penis really looked pretty much like snake only it did not have the fast-moving tongue. Even the veins on it flow like little rattlesnakes, giving him monstrous look. Although he definitely was already monstrous based on my feeling of him inside. I couldn’t imagine how can I take it into the mouth – it seemed too big for my oral cavity.

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Finally, he cum and dropped off on the bed. Almost immediately, he grabbed a cigarette and went smoking on a balcony. I took his cigarette from the pack and lit it lying in the bed. I was watching his mighty silhouette having a vague shape in the night starry sky and saw clouds of smoke flying away on the wind from time to time. He was one of the constant clients of young adult escort service but it was mine first and only visit to him. He loved to change girls and he never slept with anyone more than once. The guy wanted to try all new pussies, tasting life to the fullest. I completely understand this strategy. If you have strengths and health – then why refuse yourself in fleshy pleasure with so great young adult escort women as are in our agency?

He comes back, dropping a cigarette bud away. We both smell with the smoke of burnt tobacco. He doesn’t want to kiss, he just looks piercingly into my eyes and comes to shower to exit it 3 minutes later. He offers me to take his dick into my mouth. I grab it and cover my lips and cheeks around it. Gosh, he is so big! The snake analogy comes again to my mind though it is not cold. Why I suck it, he puts a hand on my pussy and caresses it. Soon, his one and then two fingers occur inside, wandering and playing. I stand in a pose up on him and he lays back. It is much more convenient for both of us now – I suck it up and down and he puts no efforts to push his fingers inside of my vagina. Or ass, if he wants so. He takes a condom, opens it and puts on a finger. Then, with this finger, he enters my young adult escort ass hole, penetrating my pussy hole with other two fingers. I jerk his dick off as if a stick and I feel the sweet convulsions run on his body that signify that he is about to have an orgasm. I double my work efforts and he shoots with his sperm straight into my eye, half-blinding me for a while. I cover his skin flute head with my mouth and feel as his jets shoot into my throat, I can’t hold them with an oral cavity as it is fully taken by his largest cock.

With his sperm in and out, I go to the bathroom to clean his semen off my face and the eye. I hear he lights up another cigarette and I want to smoke too. When I exit the shower covered with a bathrobe, I sit in the chair next to him and smoke.

“Well, Malik, let’s try my ass now?” I ask him and he agrees.