Escort agency in Istanbul woman is having fun after a ride in a car

Her name was Anastasia. She was one of Escort agency girls working in the city of Istanbul. She adored providing some captivating services like a deep French kiss, usual classic and anal sex and oral caressing. She got high from these and could do them all night long – as long as her strengths would be enough for that. She especially adored the going-out orders of clients like this one: they were now riding in a cabriolet car towards the seashore that was not overcrowded with tourists, free from city smog – and this ride had to be from 2 to 3 hours long to reach a nice place, where a client had a cottage house surrounded by the fence from three sides and having sea with private beach from the fourth.

The day was perfect, everything was perfect: the waves of air blowing on their vehicle stirred inside a car creating round curves of streamlined air that pleasantly cooled the skin under today’s warm sun. The smell of blossoming flowers, grass, and trees was emanating from everywhere around, amusing Escort agency in Istanbul woman Anastasia very much. She has closed her eyes and was dreaming about entering the murmuring water, swimming there with fishes and dolphins. Anastasia fell asleep under the soft road and humble roaring car motor and was woken up only where a car stopped close to the black gates of the place of destination.

Her client drove a car in the underground garage and she went into the house. Almost every outer wall was transparent and the nearly perfect green garden from all sides was visible. But the most exciting was the view of sandy-rocky beach near the house, it was literally in 50 meters from the outer wall of the house!

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She took off her clothes in the lobby of this fanciful house and went on the shore. Small rocks were tickling her soils a little. In seconds, she felt as the caressing foam of the high tide embraced her in the cooling hands of seawater reflecting screams of seagulls high in the sky.

Swimming was blissful. Even more so, it became when her client Dave joined her in this. She was lying back on the surface of water letting it carry her wherever, uncontrollably. Escort agency in Istanbul woman Anastasia did not spot as Dave approached her – it turned out that while she was on the water, the light current brought her to the shore and it was only half a meter deep.

She was looking at him invitingly. He approached a little to take off her swimsuit. The height of her lying down in the water was so perfect compared to his standing that he didn’t have to bend to touch and caress her. He took off bra and then panties to expose her tanned and curvy body without hair all over the surface except for the head, of course.

She split her legs apart, now being on the surface in a star pose. He took off all his cloth and dropped it into the water. Entered her pussy, very hollow and open because of being in the water. He was standing over her between the slim tanned legs, shiny because shaved neatly, fucking her in pussy that was so invigorating because of her sexuality and so chilling at the same time because of water environment enveloping them. He could dive into her velvety pussy farther than ever thanks to marine water. This puss of Istanbul agency girls Anastasia was now pleased as she received classic sex. She has decided to make him even more pleased and to give Dave oral pleasure. She sat on her knees and took his large cock in the mouth. It was salty and all wet, as everything in the sea.

He was standing on sandy pebble knees-deep in the water, the azure sea went to the horizon line with its heavenly purity and an escort agency in Istanbul lassie was making him oral caresses. It was one of the best moment in his life – and when he cum filling her tender mouth with semen, he felt himself as a mighty conqueror of lands and oceans.