One of students Istanbul escort gives an exciting show to the public, which is already saturated with many views

They wanted something more. I thought this would be another call to please a crowd of several men, dance striptease to them having several shots of tequila as I usually do when ordered for a big company… But not in this case. They wanted something really more. 5 men, medium-drunk, told me on that evening that they were saturated with everything in their lives. I think they told me it was a little gathering after 10 years since their graduation day and they’ve decided to cheer up and invited me, one of students Istanbul escort, to breathe in more life into their pastime.

So. Now it was my turn to offer them some really freaking sensational show they’ve never seen. If I do that – 2 extra kilo bucks are mine. If I don’t – well, just the regular money.

One of them said, “I’m giving you 20 minutes to think about how you will surprise us. Go into the bedroom and think.”

Shit. It was really challenging! But hey, I’m a clever girl, I have brains so I guess I can figure something out.

When the time was over, I finally left the bedroom with a couple of really good ideas.

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At first, I took my panties off, leaving a short skirt on. Got on the floor, rose my ass up and leaned like that against the wall. Now my shoulder blades were on the carpet, while the pussy was in the air, with buttocks pressed against the wall.

“Boys, give me a cigarette please and the light,” I asked them. When they did, I lit it in my lips and inhaled. After, I inserted a cigarette into my pussy hole and tried to push it inside – trying to inhale with a pussy, inside of it. Amazingly, it worked! The end of the cigarette lit with fiery red and smoke got inside of me. On the pussy-exhale (what a word!), the smoke got out, to everyone’s excitement. Guys became loud at once, joking about the pussy and the process. I saw their buzz and was pleased because of it – the extra money is guaranteed now. I think I became the first from students Istanbul escort who smoked with the vagina. I repeated the procedure until the end of the bud, completely smoking it out. Guys screamed and hoorayed – they were really thrilled.

But it was not all I have come up to! Next, I proposed them to fill my anus up with watercolor – so I was able to make a painting. Surreal art, I guess. Of course, they didn’t have watercolor and canvas in the room and someone had to buy it if they wanted this show. While one of the dudes departed in the city for those, I proposed the rest of guys to have a fast foursome – one is fucking my pussy, the other is fucking my mouth, while I jerk off to the rest two of them. A medium-low based table was good to implement this idea. As two were inside of me, I took penises of the other two and we all started moving. It took some time to adjust but eventually, I was double-fucked and was double-fucking at the same time – gosh, I felt really great about this like never before, being one of the students Istanbul escort. When the two ones inside finished, I offered the hand-jobbed guys to enter in me too to have fun – which they did, giving me their sperm one by one.

Quick shower – and the fifth guy is back with everything we needed: several liters of watercolor and huge canvas, maybe 1*1 m. I go to the bathroom and ask guys to help me fill myself up with paints. They excitedly agree. We’re doing it in the bath, logically. They start pouring liquid colors inside of pussy. I’m totally naked. The first comes yellow paint. When the pack is over, I turn over and stand on canvas. Just sit squatting and let it all pour out. I made a big yellow puddle, a part of which is pouring down on the floor. I doubt about the analogical experience of any other students Istanbul escort.

I repeat the same procedure three more times until all four colors are poured out of my pussy, turning me into a canvas myself. The painting is finished. I think I will leave it dry and, being painted in yellow, green, blue, and red, I approach the guy for my earned 2 gees. And feel almost sexual satisfaction when he counts money into my green-blue-yellow hand 😉