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In a summer warm evening, you were smoking and standing on the balcony. But… What is it? A girl in a next-door apartment right in front of you is dancing with all that sensual erotic movements… You cannot tear your eyes from her. She slowly reveals her shoulders, taking from them a blue gown. She is constantly moving in a dance, twisting and whirling. A girl caresses herself with her arms, twisting in a passionate dance and does so as a professional escort model.

And you cheer up for a crazy move. Calculate the number of her apartment; you are in a hurry, almost running to her house. You come to the cherished doors; you hear loud sounds of beautiful music. You press the call button. A minute later, the door open with a swing. In front of you, there is a cute brown-haired lady with a flushed face. She opened her green eyes in surprise, holding a thin robe with hand. Her underwear very nicely fits the chest; she looks like a girl Escort Istanbul, the same smooth skin and beautiful eyes. You resolutely stepped over the threshold and closed the door. Startled, she stepped back in silence. You grabbed her, hugged and stared hungrily at her lips, plump pink lips. She came to her senses and began to struggle. But you hold her tightly and kiss, gradually stepping into the room. In there, you catch a large sofa with scattered cushions. She is frantically pulling out, splashing fear in her eyes. Your excitement increases to distraction from her resistance. Ripping off her robe, you find she has nothing beneath and in your head again appears an association with an escort girl from Istanbul.

As long as you went to her apartment, she could throw off everything. You are eagerly kissing her body, a gentle, silky, holding with your strong arms around her thin wrists. She is almost screaming. But loud music drowns out the screams. You have a mind clouded with lust. You put her on the sofa, continuing to caress her lips and tongue. Your red-hot barrel is bursting through. You step back and quickly begin to undress. You keep your insane affection to the point of sweetness and pain. With one hand, you hold her hands, and with the other you are caressing the body, down to the cherished portal between her thighs. She shrinks, but you’re spreading her legs with your knee. You are kissing her breasts, sucking and biting nipples. Fingers caress the petals between her legs and sensitive tubercle.

Traces of your caresses are to be clearly imprinted on her tender body. Gradually she ceases to resist, only sobs. You feel that she is also beginning to be excited like a real escort girl from Istanbul, and strengthens the head. Your lips, tongue and hands are exploring her body. Between her legs, it is already hot and wet. And you cannot hold back any longer. You widen her legs and in one sharp movement enter her wide-open door. She screamed, rushed from you, but you shut her mouth with a hand, and pressed her body with yours. You wait until she calmed down a little and begin to move, slowly and deeply entering into her hot cavern. She is so tight! She gradually becomes relaxed and excited. The body betrayed its mistress. Her sobs went into moans of pleasure. Gradually you are to speed up the movement, going deeper and sharper. She took you down and began to lift the hips to meet you. And you wrapped your arms around her buttocks and forcefully entered her body. And finally, the flash of orgasm enveloped you with the hot wave, and you poured out on a hot bosom of hers, crying out like a wild beast. It sounded the cry of a young girl, like of escort girl. You felt a reduction of her pussy on your cock, still pulsing with echoes of passion. Making a few movements, you came out of her, kissed her tear-stained cheek and saw the smile on her face.
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