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It was the first time I have decided on such an experiment. The club was dark and nice to stay in it. I did not want to leave. “Here is your couple,” said a woman from girls WhatsApp who met me, pointing to another girl from escort WhatsApp, kneeling and licking a shoe of my new acquaintance. “Well, that’s enough!” she commanded and the woman obediently retired on her knees and hands into the room and lay down on the sofa, the hair curled up. My new friend was Natalie, and her mate-maid was named Kate. Kate was, you can say naked: her chest was wrapped around a rope knitted behind her neck, a dog collar around her neck, and at the waist, there was a belt to which was tied a rope, passed through the crotch.

I met Natalie at a party of escort WhatsApp girls, where she after a couple of drunk glasses of wine decided to open her dirty little secrets to me. It turned out that in her 30 years she was into the lesbian tendencies and small oddities. Now it became clear what she was talking about. She told me that she has a girlfriend with similar inclinations. She works with the men in the office as a secretary but does not sleep with anyone. However, today she’d decided that it was like now or never. A beautiful woman with lush forms – I certainly agreed.

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“Undress, feel like home, I hope you will stay here for a long time,” she said, throwing off her cloak. In the evening dress, she looked gorgeous. “Let’s go to the room and get to know each other better” – and we went into the big room. We sat on the sofa. The woman, who was lying on the other sofa near the wall, knelt in front of us. For the first time, in the corridor, I was not able to see her well, but now, with good light, she looked like a real beauty. Even more beautiful than my friend from escort WhatsApp girls. Beautiful figure, tight belly, and the chest – just a dream! Kate looked up at my friend, then looked at me, peered down. and turned to Natalie. “Do you like him?” – she asked, “Yes” – escort WhatsApp Kate quietly answered. A beautiful face, eyes, and with no clothes on – I started to get excited involuntarily. “Go get him a bath. We’ll talk for a while.” Natalie smiled, because Kate could not restrain excitement and joy, she got up and ran to the bathroom and from there, she heard the sound of water. “So, dear, you’ve met. Did you like her?” – she asked and smiled – her hand stroked between my legs, “I see you are delighted.”

“Well, you’ll live with her, entertain her when I’m at work, sometimes you’ll entertain me, together.” I want, you know, diversity sometimes in our women’s everyday life.” Her hand had already unbuttoned my pants and dived into them. “Today you get to know each other better, and tomorrow I’ll test you. Undress and go, wash!”

I took off my shirt, my pants were already unbuttoned and my cock was really hard. During this procedure, my friend looked at me eagerly.

Here I am completely naked. “Kiss the goodnight and go,” she said. I walked over and reached for her to kiss, but one of the girls WhatsApp pulled me away – “You silly, kiss me between the legs!” I knelt down, lifted the edge of her dress and got under it. In the dark, touching her hips, I reached the coveted corner – and kissed her several times and licked. She moaned and lowered her hips. “Well done!” She said, when I emerged from her skirt, slapped me on the back of the “Go!” I went to the bathroom door, heard the sound of the water and smell of shampoo. I opened the door. Kate was standing bent and stirred the water in the bathroom. “Get into the bath,” her voice was quiet and pleasant, trembled with excitement. She took my cock with both hands as something very fragile and held it until I sat down in the tub. She sat on the edge of the tub so I could see her completely. She nodded with a smile and got up behind me, took a shampoo, wet my hair and began to soap it. After that, she also climbed into the bathroom from the back and began to rub the body, her chest rested against my back. The nipples were hard and pleasant rubbing my back. Having finished with that, we began to wipe each other – she wiped me, and I did it for her.

After we both were dry, we left the bathroom. She sat on the bed, spread her legs and straightened one – I put on her stockings, then she got up so I could put on the belt. When I buttoned it, I accidentally touched her crotch with my lips. She was delighted. She decided to wear the dress without panties and bra. We had an exciting walk: I knew that this time would pass unforgettably, and every second in her society was something incredible.

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